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Hello Friends! I don't share a lot a beauty related posts often, but I thought it was time I updated you on my skin care routine. Since I turned 30 in May, I felt it was time to update the routine I've been using for the past 12 years. As I get older and read more, I realize that our skin needs different things at different stages of our lives. With that in mind, for the past 2 months I have been using new products and wanted to share my thoughts with you. I hope this post can help you guys in any way.

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These three products (pictured above) are all I have been using. Other than the occasional mask and scrub, this is where it's at. I know lots of people have fancy eye creams and extra night time treatments, but I like to keep things as simple as possible. I mean, think about it. We are constantly putting so many products on our face from moisturizers and oils, to multiple layers of makeup that our skin doesn't know how to behave in reaction to that. By no means am I a scientist, or know the chemical makeup of each product, but I do know form experience that if you do too much you're gonna get some form of a break out or bad reaction.

I discovered the Neutrogena Hydro Boost products when we got a display in the store full of their new products. I've always thought that Neutrogena had really good skin care products. I used to use their Facial Bar for years. I've used it since I was a teenager, and it's very good and reliable. So I was curious about the Hydro Boost line. To be honest, I only ended up purchasing the products because I put their moisturizing gel on my arm where I was having an allergic reaction, and it soothed my itching and redness instantly. I mean INSTANTLY! If it did that then, I knew that it would do wonders for my skin. The set up is a three step process that starts with the gel cleanser, then the serum, and you finish with the gel moisturizer. Since these items are a bit more pricey than the normal drugstore cleansers and moisturizers I only opted to get 2 items: the cleanser and serum. I picked up The Oil Essentials oil the same week because it was on clearance.

You only need 1 to 2 pumps of this stuff to get a deep clean. It's one of the few cleansers that I've tried that doesn't make my face feel overly tight and dry after. I do have dry skin, so anytime I wash my face there is sure to be some tightness that follows. For the most part this doesn't make my skin feel like cracking into a million pieces. It's also lightweight, refreshing, and non-abrasive.

When I've seen serums advertised in the past, they always look oily and thick. This serum is nothing like that. It works just like a moisturizer, but feels so much lighter. Not much product is needed. I take about 2 small pumps and it completely covers my face. I make sure to dab a tiny dot under and around my eyes, so they feel refreshed. That's pretty much all I do in the morning.

There has been plenty of buzz in the beauty community about face oils recently. I've always stayed away from these oils, because they were thought to cause clogged pores. Well, oils actually do cause clogged pores, but I've found that the key is moderation. When I first bought this oil, I decided that I would only use it every other night. After about 2.5 weeks, I used it every night. Three to four drops is all I need to evenly cover my face and neck. Believe it or not, but this is actually the first time I've ever moisturized my skin at night. I normally put nothing on my skin after washing at night, because I don't like the way it feels against my pillow. So during the morning, I use the serum as a moisturizer, then I swap it out for the oil at night. It's very soothing and moisturizing and did not cause any breakouts. This oil can be used for body, hair, and bath. Sometimes I'll add a few drops to my bath water to help me relax before bed. The oil is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic dyes.

I've linked the entire Hydro Boost line below with a few decent priced facial oils. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you later. P.S. This is not a sponsored post!

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