Some Like It Cozy

Cardigan: Forever 21 (very similar) // Tank: Old (similar) / Jeans: Gap (similar) // Boots: Forever 21 (sold out, similar) // Bag: Forever 21 (sold out, similar) // Necklace: Francesca's (in store) //  Poms: Wal-Mart ($1, similar here and here) // Bracelets: Old

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a great weekend. Myself, not so much. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, then you know I was involved in a car accident. I'm feeling fine for the most part, I;m just frustrated about my car, and people lack of attention to the road. I know we can all be in a hurry to get where we are going, but just that little extra attention could save your life and the lives of others. As for my car, I have to wait to hear back from the the insurance on whether my car is fixable or if they are going to total it out. I'm praying it can be fixed, just to avoid a car note. I just finished paying for this one last year, and a car note is just not in my budget. Anyways I'm trying to be grateful for the positives. My boyfriend and I are okay, no one was majorly hurt, and I can still sit here and continue this little blog of mine. 

Now about this outfit. I've literally been living in jeans for the past few weeks and this outfit is no exception. Last weekend I found this amazing sweater at Forever 21. It's so soft and comfortable that all I want to do is live in it and it was only $25. I'm tempted to run back and buy another just for backup! I rarely find more that one or two items in a trip, but every trip I've made over the past few weeks has surprised me. I picked up this bag which was not only on sale, but I buy one get one free. So, I picked up this gem and a black saddle bag for  a total of $11. The boots were also a steal at $15.  If you dolls get the chance, stop by Forever 21 and see what good deals they have, you may be surprised also. Anyhow, I hope you all have a great week ahead. Thanks for stopping by.

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What Wiccan Ways

Dress: Target (check local stores for availability, similar here and here) // Hat: Icing's (old, similar here and here) // Boots: Charlotte Russe (black sold out, similar here and here) // Bag: Old, similar here and here // Cuff: Wal-Mart (similar) // Watch: old // White Purse Pom: flea market (similar) Red Pom: Wal-Mart (similar) // Lips: Revlon Black Cherry

Happy Wednesday loves. So here's a new post for a new week. I can't believe that the items I'm wearing in this post have already sold out. I literally got these boots in a week and a half ago and the black ones are already gone. Good news is that Charlotte Russe does restock often, so it's possible they will get these babies back in. I've linked some really similar ones below. Also this dress I happened to pick up on clearance last week is also sold out on the website. I originally saw this dress in white and thought I had to have it. Instead of getting it that day, I went home and thought about it. So, I went back about two days later and I couldn't find the white one in my size. I was so bummed. Then I walked around some more and discovered the black hanging in with the newer items. I absolutely fell in love. I thought it was a sign that this little number was meant for me. I got so many compliments the day I wore it. I also linked several similar dresses below. Two are almost exact replicas. Anyways I hope you dolls are having a great week so far! Thanks for stopping by!

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Estee Edit Vox Box Review

Hello loves! Today's post is all about the Estee Edit Box I received from Influenster. Now I've mentioned Influenster a couple of months in this post. I was really surprised when I was given full size products to review. These products can run you a pretty penny. So of course I had to try them out and see if they were worth the hype (and the money).

I can honestly say that I love this product when used as a highlighter. I hate it when it's used the way it was intended. From what I understand, it is to be used all over the face for an illuminating glow, that also brightens skin. Well, I don't know if it brightens skin because I just couldn't bear to wear it all over my face. Although it is moisturizing, I didn't like the idea of my entire face looking overly sparkly. I normally stay away from products that claim to make skin bright and dewy, because of the glitter factor.  The color is the prettiest champagne color and the consistency is like a light cream.
When doing my makeup I add a bit of this to the tops of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. I absolutely adore it on my nose. It gives me a subtle contour. Also I use it in the exact same way when I go without makeup to add a bit of dimension to my skin. 
I have not noticed a difference in my cheeks or nose being brighter either. All in all my opinion is that this is just an expensive highlighter. While the product will last you a long time, since you only need a dot to use as a highlighter, the overall cost of the product is not worth the price tag. 

The shadow color I was provided was AuquaNova. While this color is not an everyday color, it was still very beautiful. When I was younger I used to wear colors like this, but now I prefer to wear more neutral tones. The cream shadow was very blendable and highly pigmented. I used it in the crease to smoke out a light teal eye shadow, and added a touch of the glitter to my inner eye. There was no creasing and it lasted for most of the day (3pm -11pm). I could see myself using this more if it was brown or taupe. I use those colors everyday in my makeup routine. As far as formulation, I think it's worth the price, but for the color it's definitely not worth me buying. I may use this for Halloween or when I just want that extra pop of color. Also I could see myself using an eyeliner brush to use it as eyeliner. 

Let me start off by saying this is the creamiest eye pencil I have ever tried. It literally just glides on. There's no need to add any pressure in your fingers. It's almost like magic. Now that being said, this is a bad thing and a good thing. First the good. The fact that it glides on means that I didn't have to tug on my eyelids to get a deep enough line. Tugging on your eyelids obviously leads to premature wrinkles and honey no one wants that. The color of the navy is absolutely stunning. The tiny flecks of shimmer give nice dimension. The baby blue side was of the same consistency, but not a color I gravitate to. This pencil is perfect if you're a fan of the smudgy look. Smudging this is as simple as taking a cotton swab and running it lightly across the eyeliner. Now the bad side of an easy glide on pencil is that as easy as it is to apply, it's just as easy for it to be gone. One day I wore the liner to work. After a few hours I totally forgot I had on eyeliner and I rubbed my eye. Needless to say, I had navy all over my under-eye. I didn't notice until I later went to the restroom. So that creaminess can work against you, girl! While I don't get outrageous with my eye shadow colors, I definitely love to use colored eyeliner for a more fun look. I could definitely see my self purchasing this pencil, but of course I would choose Extreme Black / Gunmetal black so that it would get more use.

Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony ($42)

This is hands down my favorite product in the entire voxbox. I use it at least 5 days a week. I always make sure I use it under my makeup and when I have early work mornings. The silver applicator tip is so cooling. At first, I really didn't notice a difference in my eyes. I was thinking this is so worthless, but after about 2 weeks I noticed how awesome this product is. It claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness using pink peony, cucumber, and apple and moisturize using hyaluronic acid.  As someone who blogs late nights and works full time, I was looking for this to be amazing. This eye cream is very refreshing and cooling. Now, it definitely got rid of the puffiness under my eyes. Now, I'm not sure if that's entirely due to the cream, or if it's a combination of the cooling tip and the cream, but it does work. As for brightening my under eye, I didn't see a change. I've read a lot of reviews saying that this causes the concealer to crease, but I have never had that problem. The concealer I use is Revlon ColorStay. Now the important question is "is it worth the money?" Well, as much as I like this product, I could never see myself paying $42 for an eye cream that half asses the job. This brand obviously has a bunch of great products, but I've always tried to be a budget friendly gal, and more importantly a budget friendly blogger, and this is not that budget friendly. 

Overall, I like the products and am grateful I got to try them all, but I couldn't see myself doling out that much cash for such okay products. Hope this review helped you dolls! And who knows maybe with more use my opinion may change, but for now this is my honest opinion. Thanks for stopping by!

Winding Down From Summer

Top: Forever21 (old, similar) // Shorts: Old Navy (old, similar) / Boots: similar //  Bag: Wal-Mart (similar) // Necklace: Icings (old)  // Belt: Claire's (old) // Ring: Claire's (old, cute option) // Watch: old, similar here and here

Hello loves. I'm extremely sorry that I've been away so long, and that my blog posts have been spotty. I'll fill you in on what's been going on. To start, my laptop completely went wonkers on me. I would be in the middle of editing photos or surfing the net and it would just shut off. At the moment I wasn't in a position where I could buy a new one. So we sold somethings and now I have a new laptop. I'll maybe attempt to repair my old laptop so I'll have back up if such a thing happens again. #2 The boyfriend and I have been trying to find a new place to live. I've been at my little apartment for the past 5 years and we'd been thinking that it was time to move on. This is my very first home I had on my own and it's bittersweet to move. I love the layout and the space of my 684 sq ft apartment, but it's more important to give Marley (my pup) a yard to play in and have a home that's not connected to so many people. (Just to let you know, we weren't looking to buy, just rent.) But there have been so many obstacles. The biggest one is the no pets rule. We would find a place that was gorgeous, in the right neighborhood, and within our budget, but didn't allow pets.  This search has been so exhausting and has taken up all of September. Honestly between that and work, I've just been too tired to post to the blog. Seriously everyday, before and after work we've been driving around different neighborhoods looking for " For Rent" signs, calling numbers, and going back and forth with people about their terms. I took these pictures in mid-September with every intention to post. As stated above, it just got pushed to the side. That's how much time this search has taken up. 

So on another note. The weather here is not fall like yet, but it has definitely cooled down. Normally we don't get a temp drop until 2nd week of October, but we have gladly welcomed the early change. Believe me when I say that everybody has been waiting for this. Thanks for stopping by and reading this long post. I'm not sure if I'll be back on a regular schedule soon, but I'll definitely try. Thanks again.

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