What's in My Bag: Spring Edition

Purse: WalMart (cute options here and here) // Lipgloss: NYX Vanilla Creme Pie // Hand Sanitizer: Bath and Body Works // Lip Crayon: Revlon Matte Balm Sultry // EOS Lip Balm // Hand Lotion // Wallet: New York & Co. (old, similar)

Hello loves. So recently I've been on a Spring Cleaning kick. I actually started cleaning out my closet on Monday. I haven't finished yet, but I've gathered a 13 gal trash bag of clothing to donate, and I probably threw away about a 2/3 of that in damaged/ can't be worn items. When I say that doing a closet clean out is exhausting, believe me it is. I really had some hard decisions to make. I wish I had documented it, but the cleaning bug just bit me that day and I went with it. I still may share updates since I'm not quite done. I really should have taken before, pictures. 

I'm starting to think that owning to many items is nerve racking. Since, I started cleaning, I also downsized my purse. I thought it would be cool to show you guys what's in my purse for spring. These few items are the essentials. I love how lightweight my bag feels without all the extra junk I tend to pack around. Let's be serious ladies, I know I'm not the only one who tends to accumulate a million lipsticks/glosses in whatever bag we have in current rotation. I swear those lippies never get put away until I decide to clean. I'm thinking this "Spring Cleaning" bug is the start to me downsizing (although I make no promises, baby steps right?!)

  • First off, how cute is this bag. It's super inexpensive (only $14)  and a great way to add a colored bag into your wardrobe. I'm the type of girl that loves color, but if I spend money on a really good purse, I shoot for neutrals, because they will go with everything in my wardrobe. 

  • I always have to have a lip balm / lip color combo in my bag. I switch out them out from time to time. My absolute favorite is the Maybelline Baby Lips Neon Collection, but I picked this EOS one up while waiting in line. Of course I was drawn to the packaging, but I was reminded that the current EOS balm I owned dried out my lips. I figured I'd give them another try and I have been loving this one. Not sure if there's a formulation difference between the Strawberry Sorbet (above)  and the Pomegranate Raspberry, but it sure feels like it. If any of you ladies have that problem across this brand let me know below, so I don't think I/m crazy. The lip color I've been revisiting is this Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry. It's the perfect brownish pink nude to start off spring. I layer the lip balm under my lip color because I have dry skin, and my lips would crack without the lip balm. Also when getting ready, I always give my lip balm time to soak in before applying a lip color. My tip is to apply the lip balm before any other makeup. Once makeup is done, then apply your lip color.

  • Keeping a hand cream on deck is a must. Like I said before, I have dry skin. Ain't nobody got time to be ashy. I love this tiny Eucerin lotion. It fits perfectly in my purse, and so nourishing. I work in a pharmacy, so I'm around a lot of sick people everyday, and I'm constantly washing my hands. Seriously, you guys would think I'm crazy with how many times I wash and sanitize my hands, which takes me to my next in-bag must have.

  • Hand sanitizer! Like I said, sick people are all around and I must be on guard. This is for those moments you can't get to a bathroom to wash your hands. Does it aggravate you when someone coughs into their hands in front of you then hands you something.??!!! I swear I'm in contact with one of these people everyday. This Bath and Body Works one is super cute and smells delightful. The next items are my compact mirror and this NYX Butter Gloss. Lots of ladies just use the camera on their phone to make on the go makeup checks, but I find that an old fashioned mirror works best. This one is old, and I got it free with a flat iron purchase, but it sure has served me greatly.  The Butter Gloss is just something extra I added to give my lips a little shine. It's a great way to transition my matte lips from day to night.

  • Finally, the other essentials, perhaps the most important is my phone and my wallet. I have an iPhone 5c and it fits perfectly into this old wallet. The wallet has the perfect Spring blues and it matches my bag. Sorry I can't link this one, but I discovered it as I was de-cluttering (here is a similar one). After using it for a few days, I totally remembered why I loved it. Besides fitting my phone perfectly, it has a zip pouch on the back. It's perfect for holding my debit card and cash. On top of the zipper pouch,is  a clear ID holder. These types of wrist wallets are great for going out to bars or concerts. All the absolute musts in one place.

Well that's all that's in my purse. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'll talk to you later. Hugs and kisses!

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