Influenster Cheers to You #VoxBox Reveiw

Hello loves! So today I'm going to talk about a company called Influenster. They are an awesome way to help try new products for free, before you buy. all that they ask in return is for you to write a review of the products through your social media outlets. Influenster works with different brands across different categories. The categories, range from beauty and fashion to overall lifestyle. They want your honest opinion, so don't feel like you have to give a positive review of all products received.

The general idea is that you sign up with Influenster and they ask you to take snaps (surveys) to see what types of products and activities you like. Then when a VoxBox is up for grabs, they decide to send you another survey based on your profile to see if you qualify for that box. And if you do, you get a pretty box with items you can try out for free. The particular box I received last month was the "Cheers To You" VoxBox. the items found in the box were
Overall, I used the first three products. The Taco Meat coupon I still have and doesn't expire for some time, and the Peony coupon already expired. I'll talk about why I hadn't used those at the end.

First, let's talk about the Suave Mask. Holy Moly this stuff is so good. I've used it several times now and I can definitely say that it is so moisturizing. I'm pretty picky about the things i put in my hair since I am natural. I try to stay free of parabens, sulfates, and any synthetic ingredients. While this product doesn't claim to be free of those things, it does claim that is does have 100% natural almond and Shea butter. if any of you ladies out there reading this is natural, then I highly suggest this mask. It's also really good for de-tangling (something I didn't expect).

Next up is the Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt. While I'm no stranger to this brand, and this particular Epsom salt, it was still great to get a free bag. I talked a little about the salt in one of my previous Valentine's post, found here. The salts really work at giving you a relaxing bath. The smell of the lavender is so soothing, while the hot water and the salts work together to soothe achy muscles. Dr. Teal's has a full range of different salts for different symptoms, but honestly they all work amazingly. I also have a bag of the Ginger and Clay Detoxifying Salt in my cabinet. This works really well for things like hangovers, or when you feel like you've been putting to much junk into your body. Now be warned, the smell can be very powerful from the Ginger and Clay, so I suggest you use less then the recommended 2 cups.

Onto the Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips. I also talked about these in the same Valentine's post stated above. These chips were surprisingly good. I always have this stigma about healthy foods tasting like crap. For the most part, I think that I'm right. Anything that says "fat free" or "low calories" always tastes like crap, especially things like ice cream. I did make a resolution to eat healthier, but it's not going as great as I'd like it to be (baby steps right). These chips were like a jumping off point. These chips were really good. I would say that they could have used a little less salt, though. All the ingredients are things you know, such as Chia seeds, ground corn, flax, broccoli, radish, and quiona. They are also non-gmo (not genetically modified), gluten free, and vegan friendly. I will say that I love to snack alot, and I've started to pay attention to labels, and make better choices.

OK, so why didn't I use the other coupons!? Well, the Peony site offers basic pieces, such as tanks and leggings, and athletic wear. While I do love beautiful athletic wear (hello... main motivation), I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on it. My view is those things are going to get worn out the more you workout, so there's no point in spending $98 on leggings or $108 on a tank top. The pieces are beautiful though. I'd rather take that kinda money and spend it on a really great pair of running/walking shoes (which I finally bought a new pair) or actual yoga classes. My bestie is an athletic fiend who believes in investing in good workout gear, but if she saw me trying to buy these pieces, she probably break my clicking hand. If spending that much is in the budget for you then go ahead and give them a try. I didn't use the Hormel Taco Meat coupon simply because I haven't craved tacos in sometime. Like I said before, I still have time to use it. As far as the Yaye app goes, I tried it out for a few days, but I didn't really like it. It's centered around group fitness, but the fitness is logged by each user in your group. By logging your workouts, it inspires others in your group to do more. I feel that I get motivation to workout by going to the gym or walking with my friends and family in front of me. Plus it's more fun that way. Also the friends and family in my group would for get to log information so...

Well that's the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed this post and it wasn't to lengthy. Also, I hope this review helped you in some way and maybe you'll want to give Influenster a try.  Thanks for stopping by dolls!

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