Impromptu Road Trip

Lake Charles, LA

Cardigan: New York & Co. (old, similar) // Turtleneck: Charming Charlie (old) // Jeans: Sears (old, similar) // Flats: Target (similar here & here) // Purse: K-Mart (old, cute options here & here) // Necklace: Forever21 (old) // Ring & Bracelet: New York & Co. (old) // Earrings: Claire's (similar) // Lips: NYX in Stockholm

Hello dolls! So here are a few pictures from our (the BF and I) impromptu road trip to Texas. We were in Lake Charles, LA for a job fair and figured since we has the day off we would go to Texas. In all honesty, I had never been to the state of Texas. Most of my traveling was towards the east (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina). I never really has a reason to visit Texas, since I don't have immediate family there. 

The BF thought it was strange that I had never been, so he was the one who decided I should at least cross the state line. We decided to go to as far as Beaumont, since it was only a day trip. There wasn't really anything great in Beaumont, but the drive there was nice. Also, while we were in Lake Charles, I noticed that they have the cutest downtown area, which is something I wasn't expecting. I wish I had gotten more pictures of it. The helicopter and tank were apart of a Vietnam Memorial. All of these pictures were taken in Lake Charles, except for the last two. Those were both at the state line in Orange, Texas.

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Enchanted Valentine

Jacket: Forever21 (similar here & here) // Sweater: New York & Co. (old, similar here and here) // Skirt: Charlotte Russe (old, similar here & here) // Tights: No Nonsense (similar here & here) // Boots: Target (cute options here & here) // Earrings: Claire's (similar here & here) // Necklace: Charlotte Russe (old) // Bag: Target (no longer available) // Lips: Revlon HD Matte in Passion 

 OMG! There's only 2 more days till Valentine's Day and that means wearing all the red, pink and sparkles that your little heart desires. I couldn't wait to show you dolls these photos! I just felt that this look totally represents V-Day. Originally I planned to put my white zippered skirt with this sweater, but I couldn't find it on shoot day. I decided to make the look a bit more edgy by pairing it with my leather jacket and leather boots. Not only are these boots more comfy than heels, they are warmer. For my girls living in colder temps, boots are a must. If you are in a warmer climate, then you could definitely swap the sweater and boots out for a t-shirt and heels and go bare legged. For the beauty aspect of my look, I opted for a curly ponytail and bold red lips. The ponytail keeps the focus on my face and let's my lips take center stage. The lip color is a matte finish, which is perfect for smooching. As far as my plans go, I'll be working in the morning, and the Bae and I will probably stay in, drink tea, and watch movies. I hope you dolls have an awesome weekend and a truly amazing Valentine's Day no matter what your plans!

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Valentine's Day: Treat Yo-Self

 Sweater: Aeropostale // Joggers: Mershalls

Happy Wednesday dolls! Everyone is posting about Valentine's Day date night looks and beauty tutorials. Some of you dolls may be spending it with your Bae, others with your #Galentines, but this post is for the girl who wants to give self love. Yep, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a nice relaxing day for Valentine's Day. We #girlbosses are so busy these days. From mothers trying to balance play dates and careers, to girls just starting out and trying to figure out how to be a productive adult, we all need a little time out. This post also features a few items from the "Cheers To You"VoxBox that was kindly provided to me by Influenster. I've mentioned Influenster on my Instagram before. The general idea is that you sign up with Influenster and they ask you to take snaps (surveys) to see what types of products and activities you like. Then when a VoxBox is up for grabs, they decide to send you another survey based on your profile to see if you qualify for that box. And if you do, you get a pretty box with items you can try out for free. I'll give a more detailed info of how the program works when I do a full review of the box. I just thought it was great that the box came just in time for this post.

One of the things I love to do when I'm relaxing at home is to put on something comfortable. Normally, that's leggings and a cute sweater or sweats. I also like to  have yummy snacks and something to drink while I sink into the couch. My fave snacks are salty or sour. I'm not the biggest sweets fan. I never have been. I probably buy sweet treats like ice cream or cookies and cake every 2-3 months or so. This was my first time trying these Way Better Snacks Tortilla Chips. The chips came in my VoxBox and they are non-GMO and Vegan friendly. They tasted pretty good. I'll give a full review in a later post.

For activities, I usually switch between watching a girly movie and being on my Nook. I have an older version here, but it functions just like a regular tablet. I like to catch up on my YouTube subscriptions or play word/puzzle games. I know that working your brain is not relaxing for most people, but it is for me. My mind is always going and thinking games help me focus the energy that's normally dispersed between multiple thoughts. Pretty surroundings also help me relax. If the area I'm in is too disorganized, then all I'll focus on is that I need to clean.

Once I'm done doing that, I like to end my night by taking a hot bath. I create a spa like environment by turning the lights low and lighting some candles. I work in retail and I'm on my feet most of the day, so Epsom salt is a must. This Dr. Teal's Lavender salt is amazing. I was provided this by Influenster also, but I'm no stranger to this product. I've mentioned it in my Essentials for Relaxing post. It's also great to choose the body wash and bubble bath you love the most. I chose my Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes. It just seemed fitting for Valentine's Day. I use this as a bubble bath also. I'll soak for about 20 min. with my fave slow songs on. Once I'm done, I'll climb into bed and feel totally ready for dreamland.

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Purple Sweetness

Sweater: New York & Co. (old, similar here and here) // Dress: Target (old, cute option) // Clutch: New York & Co. (old, cute option) // Tights: No Nonsense (similar here and here) // Shoes: Sears (old, cute option) // Necklace: Charming Charlie (old) // Ring: rue21 (old) // Lips: Revlon Berry Haute

Hey dolls. So Valentine's Day is coming up pretty soon, and all the outfits featured this week will be Valentine's themed. I absolutely love dressing up for holidays, and this holiday allows you to dress overly sweet. How can you not get excited over this holiday?! Exchanging sweet handwritten valentines with the ones you love, having a reason to wear a heart on everything, and watching all the beautiful flowers pass your way, sounds great to me.

Today's outfit is really girly and sweet. One thing I love to do to an outfit is saturate it heavily with one color, like above. Also, I have a little bit of a color coordination streak in me. As I get older, I don't do it as much, but you better believe I make sure every color I'm wearing in an outfit complement each other. I hope you don't mind this nontraditional turn from pink and red. I've always loved purple. Even though pink is my favorite color, I've always thought I looked better in purple. Enjoy your Monday dolls!

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