Plainly Green

Sweatshirt: WalMart (try in store, but similar) // Shirt: WalMart (similar) // Jeans: Old Navy (similar here and here) // Boots: Target (similar) // Purse: Coach (no longer available) // Necklace: WalMart ($5 in store, similar) // Earrings: Charlotte Ruse // Lips: Wet n' Wild Spotlight Red

Hello loves. I hope you all had and amazing end to your week. As you guys know, these double pearl earrings I'm wearing have been on trend for awhile now. I've seen them all over blogs and Instagram, and been thinking i want to get my hands on a pair. Well, there are many boutiques (local and Internet) that sell them, but I just wasn't comfortable with the price. Call me budget friendly or call me cheap, but I cannot imagine spending more than $7 max on a pair of costume earrings. I mean I collect so much jewelry, and to spend tons on them is not my priority. Don't get me wrong, I love higher end things, but those purchases are reserved for shoes and handbags! These are the staples I intend to last a long time, those things that are classic. 
 Also, I had been dying to style this sweatshirt. I bought it from WalMart 2 years ago thinking I wanted to hop on the sweatshirt trend. Well I literally would only reserve it for really cold days, or when I was making quick errands. Anyhow, I am pleased at how it came out. 

On another note, do you guys remember when I said my trusty flat iron of like 5 years finally died on me?
Well as you can tell, I finally replaced it, And I'm happy to report I love the results. The BF talked me into taking a chance on a Conair flat iron and the results surprised me. Can you believe that a $30 flat iron straitened my naturally kinky and curly hair that well. I'm on day 2 and barely any frizz! Thanks for stopping by dolls!

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The Kindness of Others

Sweater: Aeropostale (similar) // Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch (similar) // Boots: Target (similar) // Purse: Target (similar) // Socks: Forever 21 (old) // Scarf: Charlotte Russe (cute options here, here, and here) // Sunnies; Borrowed from my Bestie (similar here and here)

Hello loves. I haven't been able to shoot any outfits for this week yet, but they are coming. I wore this outfit back in September and realized I hadn't posted the pictures. I was working on Monday's post when I discovered them on my SD card. I looked back at my past posts to see if maybe I had posted the outfit and I hadn't. I was like, "Whoooo, I have an outfit post for Wednesday!"

Lately the weather here has been in the 70s, but the past two days it's dropped to the 30s. Yeah, no in-between weather here. So, I totally could have worn this outfit over the weekend. Also this outfit reminds me of the full weekend I had off due to my cousins wedding. It was an awesome weekend, and this day, pictured above, was one of the best Sundays I'd had in a long time. This makes me smile because I know better days are always ahead of me.

Loves, Monday did not start off as a good day for me. It starts off with me ending up with a stranger's debit card and one of my fave Starbucks mugs shattering to pieces. So, I get to Starbucks to post Monday's blog post, I order my coffee and the barista asks me for another form of payment. I'm standing there like, "My card should work. I just used it last night at a restaurant." She hands me back the card and the name on the front is not mine. So I'm literally freaking out thinking, "OMG this unknown person has my card!" Apparently the waitress switched my card with another woman. Thankfully, the bank that I use was in the next parking lot, so I got my card canceled and everything handled. I returned to Starbucks to get my drink with my mug that I got as part of a graduation present two years ago. I sat the mug down, then proceed to open my laptop. As soon as I did that my mug went flying to the floor. I was devastated. A regular customer that always goes to that particular Starbucks asked was I O.K. I told him about how special the mug was to me and, later the barista came up to me and handed me a brand new mug. She said it was from someone who thought it might help brighten my day. As I was leaving, I asked the barista to thank the special person and she pointed to him and I thanked him in person. He said, he just wanted to brighten my day. I thought how sweet, people are still truly kind in this world. So no matter how bad your day is, it can and it will get better. I hope you guys have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

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My Sunday Funday

Sweater: Old Navy (last year, similar) // Jeans: New York and Company (old, similar) // Sneakers: Converse // Purse: Coach (no longer available) // Necklace: Wal-Mart (in store, cute options here and here) // Bracelet: Express (sold out) // Ring: new York and Company (old) // Earrings: Claire's (similar) // Lips: Wet n' Wild in Sugar Plum Fairy 

Hey loves! Just sharing my casual Sunday look with you guys! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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A Day of Calmness

Sweater: Old Navy (similar) // Jeans: Levi's (old, similar) // Shoes: Not Rated via Journeys (old, similar) // Purse: Coach (no longer available) // Bracelet: Express (sold out) // Necklace: DIY gift // Ring: Charming Charlie (old) // Lips: Wet n' Wild Mauve Outta Here

Happy Thursday! I'm off to a training class for work today, but I wanted to show you guys what I wore yesterday! I was off and it was pretty calm and relaxing, so I wanted to be casual. Now would you guys believe that these shoes have sat in my closet for like 2 years and this is the first time I'm wearing them. They just popped into my head as I was looking through my closet. Funny thing is that I would always pull them out to wear them when I first got them, but would always change my mind. I'd tell myself "it's too muddy outside, or I don't have anyplace special to go." Well, yesterday I thought why not wear them. If I don't then they'll be a waste of money. Anyhow this is how I styled them.

I hope you guys enjoy your day, and I'll talk to you guys later. Thanks for stopping by.

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Coat: New York and Company (old, similar) // Sweater: WalMart (old, similar) // Leggings: New York and Company (old, similar) // Boots: Target (sold out, similar) // Scarf: Charlotte Russe (similar) // Purse: Coach (no longer available) // Socks: Forever 21 (old, similar) // Earrings: Charming Charlie (similar) // Bracelet: Express (sold out) // Lips: Wet n' Wild in Mauve Outta Here

Hey, Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was Mardi Gras! It's been a lot of celebrating going on and lots of king cake eating. I enjoy Mardi Gras, but I wasn't that interested this year. I guess when you work a lot and you're the kind of girl that craves quiet time reading and catching up on YouTube beauty videos, you kinda value your off days. I'm sorry I didn't have a post on Monday, but I've been extremely busy with only one off day last week. So today I'm glad to bring you guys a post. I wore this Tuesday, nothing really special. It was cold and all I could think about was dressing warm. Hopefully I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Love ya and thanks for stopping by.

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Valentine's Gifts For Him

Valentine's Gifts For Him

Skin Care Set // Sunglasses // Cologne // Duffel Bag // Power Bank // Watch // Sneakers // Radio

Happy Friday! There's one more day until Valentine's Day. Since Valentine's Day isn't just about us girls, I thought a gift guide for the guy in your life would be appropriate. Here are a few ideas to help you get your sweetie something he'll love. Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


The Pink Geek Valentine

 Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) // Shirt: Rue21 (old, cute option) // Jeans: Abercrombie &Fitch (old) // Shoes: New York and Company (similar) // Clutch: New York and Company (old, cute option) // Necklace: Claire's (old) // Rings: Claire's (old, similar) // Nails: Sinful Colors in Pink Forever & Nicole by OPI in Kissed at Midnight // Lips: Wet n' Wild in Mauve Outta Here

Happy Hump Day! Today's post is another Valentine's inspired outfit. Would you guys believe me if i said this entire outfit was planned around the lipstick I'm wearing (more on that later)?

This is for those casual girls out there. You don't want to be to fussy with a dress, and comfort is the key. This outfit is pretty simple. You can wear it out on a casual date with your significant other, or this look would be great for a Valentine's date with your besties.

Now back to how this lipstick played a major part in this outfit. I absolutely adore the color pink. Ever since I was little I've been obsessed. I've always tried pink lipsticks and felt like the paler ones, like the color I'm wearing here, weren't great on my skin tone. I always thought they made me look off. But I've been stepping out of my comfort zone with trying new lip colors, and I'm glad to say that I've come to adore this color. I bought the lipstick a few months back and never wore it. Since it is Valentine's Day this week I thought why the heck not. And the best part is that the lipstick is only $2. So, had it not worked, I wouldn't feel bad. If you ladies are in the market for a new pink lipstick, pick this one up. I guarantee you'll love it! Have an amazing day and Thanks for stopping by.

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