Monochromatic Blues

Sweater: Wal-Mart (old, similar) // Shorts: Target (sold out, similar here and here) // Shoes: Converse //  Purse: Wal-Mart (on sale in-store, similar) // Necklace: Wal-Mart: (old, cute option) // Bracelet: Wal-Mart (old, similar here and here) // Watch: New York & Co. (old, similar) // Nails: Essie in Wicked

Hello loves! If you guys follow me on Snapchat (username xanmirvil) then you know the funny little story behind these pictures, and if you don't (you should), then allow me to share it here. My mom is the photographer behind these gorgeous shots. I absolutely love them. We were shooting two looks that day, so if the background seems familiar, then its from 2 posts ago. Anyways, I was telling her how I wanted to have my shots done and she sorta took over. She was like "No, don't stand there, stand here. Turn your face towards the light, I know what I'm doing." And can I just say she was right. They are so crisp and vibrant. I didn't have to do much editing. My favorites are the sitting ones. That's where she exclaimed that she knew how to get great shots. So that's pretty much my mom in a nutshell. She's quirky, funny, and loving, but mostly thinks her way is the best way. For this particular shoot, I didn't dare prove her wrong. Have an awesome weekend and I'll talk to you later.

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