Skinny Boyfriends?!

Utility Jacket: Charming Charlie (old, similar) // Shirt: NY & Co. (old) // Skinny Boyfriend Jeans: Wal-Mart (similar) // BCBG Paris Pumps (similar) // Charlotte Russe Earrings // Charming Charlie Shell necklace (old, similar) // Icings Owl Locket (old) // NY & Co. Watch (similar) // Wal-Mart Chain Bracelet (sold out, similar) // Love Culture Pearl Cuff (similar) // Coach Bag (no longer available)  

Happy Friday loves! I wore this outfit to an impromptu lunch with my little sister. Well, she's not so little but, you know what I mean. She called me up and said, "Hey Xan, you wanna grab some quick lunch while I'm on my lunch break?" Of course I said yes! I'm always up to do lunch. Anyways, i bought these jeans a few days prior, on sale at Walmart. I was like Xan, you can't pass up $3 jeans. Even though I doubt they will hold up for a really long time, I'm just happy to try a new style of jeans. These are the skinny boyfriend. Now I've been seeing these jeans a lot on Instagram, and I was trying to figure out, what was the allure of these jeans. Well after trying this pair on I know see. You get the look of skinny jeans but all the comfort of a boyfriend jean in the thigh / hip area. Lately, it has been hard for me to find jeans that fit properly. I've gained 10 pounds over the last year and most of it is in my thigh/ hip (more thighs) area. So trying to find jeans that fit over my thighs without them being to big in the waist is a challenge. So while I am working on losing that weight, I still wanna be comfortable in my clothing, and stay on trend while I'm working on this weight loss. 

The only thing that disappointed me about this pair was that it didn't have enough distressed areas. So, I'm thinking about doing a little DIY distressing to make it a little more trendy. Since the pair was only $3, it won't upset me if too much if I mess them up. 

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and a great Father's Day.

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