Beautiful Little Things

Vest: New York and Company (old) // Tank: Target (old, cute option here) // Jeans: Forever21 (old, similar) // Sandals: New York and Company (old) // Bag: K-Mart (old, similar) // Bracelet: Claire's (old) // Necklace: Icings (old)

Hello loves! Yesterday I was off work and the BF and I decided to visit a friend. He owns this antiques shop called Revived Designs. He has all the cutest little knicknacks and period peices. I'm partically fond of the little tea sets and dishes. I've provided a few pictures of some of the cute things you can find around the shop! So if you are ever in the Lafayette, La area please do not hesitate to stop in and take a look around! You'll find that you not only will enjoy the pieces, but you will enjoy the compnay as well! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a pretty your outfit as well!