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Hello loves. Today's post is on home inspiration. Lately I've been looking on Pinterest for inspiration for doing a home office space. I have a one bedroom apt. If you look back at old Instagram pictures you can see glimpses of my apartment. I have this huge desk and I want to move it out of my bedroom. I'm thinking of moving it into my living room, because I get the most light in there. Anyways here are the images I've been pining!
  Install shelves above a desk to make the most of a small work space. ...now go forth and share that BOW DIAMOND style ppl! ;-) xx
Image via Homey Oh My! 

small chic desk space

Workspaces we #levolove

Small Sewing Space
Image via Grossgrain

A simple wood desk can create a calm environment at the office. http://www.uship.com/office-movers/

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