The Brick Wall

Shirt: Aeropostale (similar) // Corduroy Jeans: American Eagle (similar)// Purse: Coach (no longer available) // Target Booties // DIY Toapz bracelet // Ring: don't remeber (similar) Pearl Bracelet: New York and Company (old, similar) // Charming Charlie Necklace (old) // Lips: Maybelline Vivid Rose

Hello lovely readers! It's Friday and I'm excited because I only work half a day tomorrow. I will get to enjoy the beautiful weather that is coming our way. Also yesterday was my blogaversary! Yes it's been a year that I have consistently posted to this blog. I know I didn't do anything special like other bloggers. I wanted to get a #1 balloon and put on a pretty dress, but I just opted not to. Instead I spent my blogaversary morning giving my deserving pup an much needed day at the dog park. It was absolutely gorgeous and I didn't want to waste the day for him. He's been couped up inside lately. He gets so excited when we get the leash because he knows he's going on a trip. Marley was so exhausted from yesterday, that when we brought him back home, he spent the rest of the day laying on the patio outside and later snoring on the couch. I actually have an old Instagram video of him snoring. He is super loud. I never heard a dog snore until him. It the most hilarious thing.

Anyhow, I wanted to thank all of you guys for following this little adventure of mine. I know I haven't been as consistent as other bloggers, but I'm trying. Balancing 2 jobs (one full time, the other part time), a boyfriend, a dog, family and friends, and a blog, its tough, but it's all worth it. Hopefully I will be able to dedicate more and more time to this little passion project of mine. I love doing it and you guys following along make it all the better. I love you guys. Thanks for listening to my random ramblings about my dog and my life, and things that have no relation to the outfits pictured above at times. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll talk to you guys on Monday (where you'll see me with straight hair)!

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