A Look Back: My Favorite Posts of 2014!

Hello all! Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend. For most of us it was long and relaxing, and for others (retail), well we just gotta go with the crazy! I wanted to use the first post of 2015 as a look back at my first real year of blogging! January 29 will make that official year since, that's when I consistently updated and maintained this blog. I've learned a lot this year. From losing something I that was so dear to me, to find something new. It's been a rough year for the most part. I've learned that the life we sometimes plan for ourselves is not what we get. Sometimes life steers us into new directions, or it takes us on different paths to the same end result. At the beginning of the year I lost a friendship that meant the world to me. Only to discover new friendships along the way. By the end of 2014 I loss an uncle and a cousin, only to gain a massive amount of unknown family. 2014 was the year I kicked this blog into go mode.


I've always had a passion for fashion and writing. With this blog I can do those things. I'm a girl from Louisiana, who has 2 degrees (one in Fashion Merchandising, the other in History) with dreams that are so big my heart could burst. I realized that I wasn't working in the field I wanted to be in and that moving for my dreams at the moment wasn't an option. So I sat down and realized that this little blog of mine was a beginning to great opportunities. Not only do I get to combine two things I love, but I get to reach people everyday with that love. In 2014, I got the opportunity to work with some great brands. Although they weren't the huge editorials you see on more famous blogger sites, those interactions mean so much to me. I got to host a few sponsored giveaways, and most of all I got to connect with some amazing bloggers. I get to be a part of a community where I'm not frowned upon for my love of fashion. A community where making fashion a career is a practical choice, not the absurd one. I get to be inspired everyday by all of you. I plan to make 2015 a great year! Not just for my career, and this blog, but for my personal life as well. Probably staring with more exercise (so cliche, I know), and eating healthier (the BF does most cooking, and he's all about healthy, natural foods. Whole Foods has become a regular stomping ground). Anyways, here are my fave looks (in no particular order)! I hope you enjoy this look back and thank you all so much for following along! 

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