My Essentials for Relaxing

My Essentials for Relaxing

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Hello loves! I wanted to share my essentials after a long day! Now that the weekend is over I can fit in some me time. For those of you that just discovered my little blog, i must let you know that I do work weekends always. I haven't had a full weekend off since before August 2013. Also, Saturday and Sunday are my longest workdays (12hrs on Saturday and up to 14hrs on Sunday). Yep that's my usual weekend. Which is why I rarely post weekend outfits. Anyways I'm always saying TGIM (rather than TGIF) after the weekend, cause it's my time to slow down and relax. So this is how I relax on a Sunday night. 

1. First, I have to light a candle upon entering my apartment. I got make the environment more relaxing. I love using lavender scents. My fave was Wal-Mart's Sweet Lavender, but the ones near me quit carrying it. :(
2. Next, I run myself a really hot bath, and throw in some lavender Epsom salts. The salts are to help ease my tired muscles. Sometimes, I don't add bubbles just the water and the salts. The clear water looks so calming to me.

3.  After the bath, I put on a fun face mask! I love face masks. They make me feel like I'm at a spa. I want to try the one pictured above, but this (Anti Stress Mask)  is the one I currently use. Then I brew some tea, and grab whatever current magazine I have. I love the tea pictured above. it really works. Also, I choose magazines to browse through rather than reading a novel, because I tend to get caught up in a story and won't put the book down, which doesn't help me prepare for bed.

4. After some light browsing and finishing my tea, I jump into bed. I rarely ever go to sleep without an eye mask. The one pictured above is too cute! It helps in the process of my brain slowing down, plus it blocks out the light. I know this sound's weird but have you ever closed your eyes to sleep, and while they are closed you can still see the light?

 What are your essentials for a night in?

Lady Like

Sweater: Aeropostale// Skirt: Rue21 (old)// Shoes: BCBGeneration (similar)// Clutch: New York and Company (old) Necklace & Earring Set: Charming Charlie (on clearance in stores now)// Sunnies: Forever21(here)// Lips: Maybelline Vivids in Brazen Berry (here)

 Hey my loves! Remember a few posts back I mentioned that I've been on the hunt for more pointy toe heels? Well I found a pair about two weeks ago and couldn't wait to style them. I didn't want to wear them with anything other than a skirt. The weather wouldn't permit that, so I had to hold off. So today's post feature's my new BCBGeneration heels! When I say I'm in love with them, I really mean I'M IN LOOOVE WITH THEM! They are pretty comfy and a neutral so I can pretty much pair them with any outfit! I got these babies while shopping at Marshall's. The best thing about these shoes are the closures on the side. The shoes have a turn lock buckle( like the ones that you mostly see on purses/clutches). It makes them so much easier to put on and i won't have to worry about the straps getting worn overtime like those with normal belt style closures. 

I actually wore this outfit to bring a friend to the airport and do a little shopping. Yeah, not really practical for that, but don't worry I bought flats for backup if my tootsies hadn't be able to take it anymore. Also i got some really cool things while out shopping. There are a particular pair of heels that I can't wait to style up for you guys! As always, thanks for stopping by!

A Casual Spring Romance

Sweater: New York and Company (old)// Skinny Cords: American Eagle (similar)// Shoes: Forever21(old)// Necklace & Earrings set: Charming Charlie (on clearance in stores now)// Watch: New York and Company (similar)// Ring: don't remember// Lips: Maybelline Vivid Rose (here)// Nails: Sinful Colors in Mint Apple

Hey lovelies! So I was really feeling pastels since the weather has been so spring like lately. I wanted to feel girly and somewhat romantic. So I curled my hair, put on some pink lips, and put this outfit together.  I based the entire outfit around the shoes. Yes, I chose the shoes first and went from there. It's not really much, but I felt really feminine in it! At first, I really wanted to wear a skirt, but there was major wind. How is it sunny and super windy all at the same time? This subtropical climate (more like unpredictable climate if you ask me)!  Anyways, I'm grateful that the weather seems to be stabilizing. I hope you all are having a great week so far and hopefully a even better weekend! Thanks for reading.

St. Paddy's Day Prep

Hello again my loves! I wanted to show you guys my St. Paddy's Day attire.  This is how I sported green, an emerald necklace and teal button down.

I didn't really celebrate like most do, you know... go to a pub, get drunk etc. Nope, I spent the day with my family then I had a late night food run with a friend. I already had a big meal earlier (my mom barbecued) so I stuck to just tea
since I've been having a cold since Friday. Yeah this weather is no fun. From hot to cold, colt to hot, this weather is doing a tango that's killing my sinuses. Hopefully this is the last cold front we see. Winter just keeps hanging on.

I hope you all have a great week and if you haven't check out my last blog post on Warby Parker's Spectrum Sun Sunglasses Collection click here to check it out. These sunnies are so deliciously gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered to shake off those winter blues. As always, thanks for stopping by.

 My fave pic of all of these (above)!

Coat: Target (old)// Sweater: Old Navy (here)// Shirt and Watch: New York and Company // Jeans: No Boundaries(Wal-Mart)// Boots: Charlotte Russe (old)// Necklace: Target (on clearance in stores now)// Purse & Scarf (gifted): Coach// Sunnies: Forever21 Lipstick: Wet n' Wild Matte Lipstick in 965 Cherry Picking// Nails: Maybelline Color Show in Vintage Violet (limited edition)

Warby Parker: The New Nine ( Spectrum Sun Collection)

Hey loves, hope you all have been well. So today's post is a little different. I wanted to introduce you guys to a new sunglasses collection by a great company. That company is Warby Parker and the collection is the Spectrum Sun Collection. Warby Parker is an eyewear company known, for their amazing optical glasses but, they also sell sunglasses. And with spring right around the corner (3 more days officially) what better way than to celebrate by putting away the gloves and breaking out the sunnies! So let's get to the details....

The Spectrum Sun Collection consists of nine new sunglasses in the most delicious spring shades. If you ever seen or own a pair of Warby's glasses then you know that all of their frames have a vintage inspired feel and these do not disappoint.

First up is Hall, this frame has that 1970s glamour vibe and comes in two colors: Cherry Blossom color for the girly-girl at heart and Whiskey Tortoise for the girl who wants a classic color that will go with everything in her closet.


Next is Dean. When I see these, I think James Dean. They give me that 1950s cool kid vibe. And if that's what you're looking for these are your pair. They come in the colors English Oak and Striped Olive, two amazing neutrals that will go well with any outfit and carry you through all seasons.

Then there's Downing. I call these the universal reader's glasses. Well suited for either a guy or girl, Downing is already on rotation in other colors on the site and in stores but, to freshen it up for Spring, Downing has been fitted with the color Striped Sassafras. Isn't that a fun name to say!

Next up is Piper. Piper swings a 1960's cat-eye vibe without being to serious of a cat-eye. A combination of a classic shape but in an updated perspective. These are my favorite in the entire collection. Honestly, I could totally see my self cruising and shopping with these bad girls. They are big enough to hide 3 hours of sleep, and they instantly dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans. ( I hope I'm not the only one out there who thinks that sunnies have the power to do this.) This pair makes any thrown together outfit look ten times better, and you'll feel like the fabulous new It Girl in town. Piper comes in two colors: Revolver Black and Woodland Tortoise. Woodland Tortoise is my fave color of the two.

And last but by no means the least is Minnie. I call these the "Icon sunnies". Throw on a pair of these and you will instantly feel like your an iconic actress or model..... or first lady (Jackie O anyone?!).  They come in the colors Eucalyptus and Striped Sassafras. I personally prefer Eucalyptus. That cool green will add a spark of color to any monochrome outfit. These are my second faves. Now, only if Warby could outfit Piper in Eucalyptus..... just a thought.

So, remember how I told you that Warby also sells optical glasses. Well, the best part about these new sunnies is that once you purchase them, a pair of optical glasses is given to someone in need. Yes you read right, a pair is given to someone who can't afford glasses or doesn't have access to glasses. Isn't that the coolest, to know that just by looking stylish you can help someone in need. As someone who needs glasses for everyday life, I think that's a powerful thing. You can read more about this cool program here.

O.K. loves, so don't walk, RUN to your nearest Warby Parker and grab yourself a pair. And if you don't have a Warby near you just click on over to here and check out this fabulous collection.  As always thanks for stopping by.

Anchors Away

Hello again lovelies! Today's post is a short one writing wise, as I am under the weather. The tease of spring weather one day combined with a cold front, then a warm sunny day the next equals sick in Louisiana. We deal with this crap every winter. Only time there is actual consistent weather is during summer. I'm pretty sure I've mention this before in other posts. These are my 2nd fave pair of boot-cut jeans. I own only 3 boot-cut style jeans (I'm a skinny jeans kinda girl), and I've had them for 6 years. These are called The Curvy Soho, and the fit is amazing. I also have the capris from this line cause they fit that damn good! They still look just as new as when I first bought them.Anyway I hope you guys have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

Sweater: Old Navy// Jeans & White top: New York and Company// Shoes: Charlotte Russe (old)// Bag: Coach// Necklace: Body Central// Sunnies: Forever21

Painted Lady

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all doing well. Mother Nature brought Louisiana some beautiful weather yesterday. It was so sunny and bright. I said to myself "Yeeessssss!!!! It's actually beautiful on my day off!" Of course I took this opportunity to take pictures outside.  

So to get into with this tease of spring weather (later in the day we had a 30mph wind advisory with the start of a cold front at 7pm) I decided to break out these floral print skinny jeans I got last year on sale. I was originally gonna wear a pair of dark wash jeans, but while digging I saw these. I had totally forgotten about them. I'm glad I changed my mind, because this statement necklace I bought last week paired perfectly with it. The flowers on it look painted on from a distance.

Also I wanted to style my new Coach purse. I posted a pic on Instagram showing that I bought something at Coach. Well here it is, the Peyton Bennet Mini Satchel . I'm so in love with my new purse. While in the store, I was trying to decide between this gorgeous brown color pictured here and this pastel periwinkle/grey color. It was a hard decision, but I opted for this one because it would be fantastic through all seasons, and I really needed another everyday neutral bag besides my black Phillip Lim for Target one (seen here).

Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (here)// Jeans: Aeropostale (similar style)// Shoes (old): Charlotte Russe// Necklace: Body Central (here)// Bag: Coach (here) Sunnies: Forever21 (here)

As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week.