Grey + Cozy

 New York & Company cardigan (similar) // Target T-Shirt (similar) // Abercombie & Fitch Jeggings (similar) // Sam & Libby x Target Boots (similar) // Claire's Cloche Hat (similar) // Claire's Purse (similar) // Charming Charlie Necklace (old) // Charming Charlie Ring (old, but this one is cute) // Express Bracelet (clearance, in stores) // Lips: Maybelline ColorSensational in Very Cherry

Hello loves. I'm so excited to share another look, styling my OTK boots. Now I'm also styling my grey cardigan from the previous post. Yesterday, I was just feeling uber cozy. I didn't have to go to work until 4 pm yesterday, because we have extended holiday hours. So I got to wear something cute before hopping into my uniform. The best part was that I got to shoot it! Kerry normally has to work from 8am to 4:30pm, but he wasn't feeling too well so he decided to call in. After sitting around the house for a few, he started feeling better so I took this rare opportunity to do an outfit shoot. Well, he asked if I wanted to do one since he was available to do it. And of course I said yes! Heck I wish we were on the same schedule, because I would have way more outfit posts than I normally do!

Anyways, after shooting we had a coffee date, then I got him to accompany me to Ulta. Yes, he came to Ulta with me!! I was shopping for a new flat iron, because my trusty one of 5 years finally went to hair tool heaven. Yep, I was going to smooth the frizzies out of my hair (as you can see above), I plugged in the iron, it heated for about 2 minutes, then died. At first, I thought maybe the outlet had to be reset, but no. I tried every outlet in the house and had to accept the cold, hard truth. So naturally I was freaking because it came at the worst time. Kerry came to me and said it's okay Bae, we'll just get you a new one. So, while we were in Ulta he saw the prices of the flat irons and was like, "are you serious, $150 for a flat iron??!!" I told him that it was normal and that women will pay top dollar for a hair tool that will work properly. He asked me how much mine cost and I told him that it was $40 when I purchased it, but I searched for it, and it's $70 now! And that flat iron never let me down. Now I'm thinking I wanna try a different brand although, I know that the one I had before was perfect. The manager was telling me about the T3 irons, but I still wasn't sure. So dolls, if you guys have any suggestion on an affordable flat iron that works miracles, (my hair is naturally tightly coiled and kinky in some areas) let me know in the comments below, or tweet me at CharmingXanadu! I would accept any help in this dilemma.

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