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 New York and Company Jacket (similar) // Old Navy Dress (similar) // Charming Charlie Boots (similar) & Ring (old) // DIY Clutch (cool option here) // Claire's Earrings (similar), Necklace (old) & Bracelet (old) // Charlotte Russe Scarf (similar) // Dollar Tree Sunnies (similar) // Lips: Revlon Colorburst in Sultry

Happy Wednesday! It's a pretty dreary day here in my part of Louisiana. We have been blessed with beautiful fall temps this past week so I shouldn't complain. But for all you bloggers out there, you know how that can mess with outfit shoots. And because of the weather, lately all I want to do is cozy up on the couch, get into a good book and relax. I just finished The Da Vinci Code (great for a history major like me) the other night and it was amazing. I hadn't got lost in a book like that in a long time. I'm so excited to read The Lost Symbol (the next book in the series). Now I know this book series is old, but I was always discouraged to read it because it is a 496 page book. Now that's some intense reading to take on when you haven't read a novel in a long time, but Dan Brown had me engaged the entire time. To motivate myself, I told myself that I could not watch this movie until I read this book. Now I can finally sit down and do a book to movie comparison (something I really like doing)! I think I'm going to try to commit myself to one book a month. That way I get back to enjoying something I truly love. Reading is good for the soul.

Anyways, you guys probably want to know more about the outfit. So I wore this about two weeks ago and totally forgot to post it. I forgot exactly what we spent the day doing, but I'm sure it was great. Spending time with the BF is always a great thing! Most of the time all we do is talk about history (more me talking while he's listening), politics (more like he's talking and me listening), and exploring new places. Or we will relax and enjoy our new found love for Modern Family.

I put this together with the intention of restyling this blue Old Navy body con dress I got back in May.  You can see it's original debut to the blog here. I love how it turned out. Perfect for fall. I want to restyle this dress again, but I'm thinking of styling it more on the sporty side.

Well, thanks for stopping by and listening to my random musings. I hope you all have a great week ahead.

P.S. My Vedette Shapewear Giveaway is still going on make sure to enter if you haven't!

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  1. What a lovely outfit you have great style xox

  2. Awesome look! Love the scarf!


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