Down in New Orleans

 Shirt: Old Navy (sold out, similar) // Jeans: No Boundaries (similar) // Wedges: Apostrophe (old, similar) // Necklace: Dillards (old) // Clutch: DIY (similar) Bangles: Mixed (similar) // Sunnies: The Dollar Tree (similar) // Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry

Happy Labor Day and Happy September. This month brings about new changes, new ideas, and new routines. As we begin September we draw near the season I'm most fond of. So bring on all the vibrant and luscious colors you have in store for me fall. I'm ready to greet you with open arms.

I wore this outfit last Wednesday. I took a road trip to New Orleans because my dad wanted to see his youngest brother. I thought the this outfit would be a comfy attire for the trip. These photos were taken in front of the hospital where my uncle was at. My Uncle Harold wasn't doing too well and his daughters thought it would be great if he could see my dad. He had been asking about my dad for a couple of months prior.

I must say I was exhausted by the time I got back home. Three hour car drives can be tiresome sometimes. Although I was exhausted, I had an awesome time. I met some cousins for the first time and saw a few people I hadn't seen since I was 1 years old. It was like this huge family reunion. My aunt and her kids greeted us with so much love. At one point we got so loud in the hospital from all the laughter, that a nurse had to tell us to quiet down. The best part of the trip though was seeing my dad be excited and overwhelmed by seeing his baby brother face to face after 25 years. The last time they stood in the same room together, they were 56 and 57 years old. And the last time they spoke to each other over the phone was after Hurricane Katrina (9 years ago). My dad doesn't cry at all, but to see him break down in tears at the age of 81 was so moving. As he was crying and I was trying to console him i started to cry. Heck, I'm tearing up as I write this post. The power of love and family, there's nothing like it. It's so strange how we could be only three hours away from family yet be so far away. It's funny how life works sometimes. Now that I've meet some of my dad's side of the family, I may have to frequent more trips to NOLA.

I hope you guys enjoy all your labor day activities! Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Sorry I didn't talk much about the outfit. It's just that I wanted to share something a little more personal with you.

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