My Autumn Home Must Haves

My Autumn Home Must Haves Book // Candle // Album // Nook HD+ // Blanket // Owl Mug // Tea // DVDs 1 & 2

Hey Loves!!! TGIF, for those who are preparing for a long weekend off. And for those that work the weekend, I feel your pain! So today's post is the last post in my Autumn Must Haves series. Normally during the summer, I don't like to stay home much. I'd rather get out and see what's happening around town. But during autumn, I become a major homebody. Yeah, I'll still go out and enjoy time away from the house, but only if it involves food or the beautiful fall air. This is the time of year to sit on your patio or porch and watch leaves fall, curl up with a blanket if the air gets a little chilly, and get lost in a good book. Above are the home essentials that will carry me through autumn.

1) I truly adore all of Mr. Poe's works. He is one of my favorites. I just love curling up on a corner of my couch or sitting in my rocker (yeah peeps, I'm a little old lady on the inside) reading The Tell Tale Heart. Yes these stories can be dark but, they are wonderful!

2) To add to that ambiance, a good fall scented candle must be lit. I love anything with cider in it. The scent just screams autumn.

3) I love playing with my Nook HD+. I'll sit and play word games, like cryptograms, or puzzle games for hours. Also, I use it as my main source of reading my fave blogs while in bed. I have a few nook books (Emerson, anyone) on there too. Although, I do prefer my physical books. Nothing compares to having your own personal library in my opinion. Except for maybe my own massive shoe closet. 

4) Sometimes nothing is better than sipping on your fave fall themed tea, relaxing by yourself or with your significant other watching your favorite movies. I prefer movies that are either comedies or about fashion. If you ever catch me looking at DVDs I'm sure to walk away with a movie about either one of those. The ones about fashion are something I'll probably enjoy myself or with a girlfriend, but the comedies are great for sharing with the BF! I see many nights like this to come. Pictured above are two of my faves. 
P.S. I got the mug pictured above last fall, but I'm pretty sure it'll be in stock this fall!

5) And of course everybody needs a cozy blanket. This is for those nights where I'm sitting on the patio looking up at the stars and just basking in the mystery of the universe. I love playing Melody Gardot in the background. her voice is so deep, romantic, and classic. When she sings it just rolls off her tongue so beautifully. If you are a fan of jazz like me, then you will love the album pictured above.

So loves, what are your autumn home must haves? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Great picks! Love the owl mug!