Blogging Outtakes

Hi my loves! I had a few issues yesterday that kept me from doing outfit photos. I spent the entire day searching for my iPhone. Yes guys, after having the same phone for 2 years I lost it. I was so devastated. Usually when it comes to my gadgets I'm really good about keeping them safe and in sight. I retraced my steps multiple times only to come up with nothing. So today I bit the bullet and bought a new one! Phones aren't cheap these days, geez. But I did have an awesome in store Rep, who made the process so amazing. Shout out to Ms. Sherry! We ended up holding a conversation about wines. She suggested a few German wines for the boyfriend and I to try, since he loves Germany.  I totally can't wait to share them with him. We are planning on going to a wine tasting Saturday, so that's just icing on top the cake. 

Anyways, I thought it would be cool to share a few photo outtakes of some recent posts. The world of blogging isn't filled with all beautiful photos all the time. It can be awkward, ugly and hella funny. I swear he always catches me doing the most awkward poses or me being a total goof. I hope you guys enjoy this funny little post. Hopefully we will be back to the regularly scheduled program on Monday. Talk to you later, and thanks for stopping by.

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