My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks Under $100

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks Under $100

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Happy Saturday loves! I'm sure you guys have been seeing all the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts floating around the bloggersphere. And maybe you guys are tired of them and maybe not. If you aren't, then here's another one of those posts. 

I decided to compile my top picks just as other bloggers, but I wanted to choose picks that could move you into fall and were under $100. I know that for some of us fashionistas out there, we can't just spend money on high dollar items that we covet. Most of us are on a budget, and even worse, most of us are on a college girl's budget (eeekkk!!!).  I remember those days (Ramen noodles anyone!) So if you guys are going to shop the sale, I highly suggest you check out these items, most are under $50 also! 

Sale ends August 4th. Happy shopping everyone!!!!

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