Old Ruffles

Cardigan: New York and Company (old, similar), Top: Rue21 (old, but I like these here and here), Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Flats: Rue 21 (similar),  Purse: Claire's (similar) Necklace: Claire's (old), Sunglasses: Forever 21, Lips: Revlon in Honey Bare

So, yesterday's outfit was girly and casual. I spent the day browsing home decorating and style/fashion books, and checking out the fiction section at my happy place (Barnes and Noble). I rarely get to do this so I felt like today was a good enough day. I sipped on coffee, sat in my favorite corner and let the inspiration come to me. Sorry that these photos aren't up to par with my usual photos, but I didn't have a photographer and my tripod was broken, so I had to use my tabletop tripod for pics.

As you guys can read in the outfit details above, all the items in this post are no longer available. actually they are more than a year old. I I'll let you guys in a little secret: sometimes I feel like when I post an outfit the items should be new or currently available. I really like giving you guys inspiration and sharing my outfits with you, but a lot of my items in my closet have been there for years. I always try to buy pieces that I can see myself wearing years later. And I'm glad that I do that, because lately I haven't really been able to fit shopping for tons of new items in my budget. There are a lot of other things that  are more important right now, but I love blogging and I love restyling all items in my closet. Also, when I read other blogs for inspiration I always tend to see that the items are fairly new and available for purchase. As much as I  would like to go out and buy those exact items I can't. So I look into my closet and try to discover items with similar shapes/silhouette. I wonder how can I get that look with what's already in my wardrobe. For my fellow bloggers out there, do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel the pressure to post all current items?

Well, I hope you all are having a great week so far! As always thanks for stopping by.

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