Color Pop

Dress: New York and Company (similar here and here), Sandals: Express (similar), Purse: Coach, Necklace/Earrings: Charming Charlie, Bangles: mixed sets from multiple stores, Lips: Revlon in Cherries in the Snow

Hey loves, another day another outfit!
I spent the day with my mom shopping and styling her up while she tried on clothes. I always have fun when I shop with my mom. We must crack a million jokes the entire time we are together. And today Mom told me that she loves shopping with me too. She says she's always laughing and she enjoys me styling her. Later we went to dinner with my younger sister. This was our Mother's Day outing since, I will only be able to visit her on the morning of Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I will be working in the afternoon.

I must admit that I'm totally loving wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts now. Since, this was the longest and most terrible winter by far, in my experience, I'm trying not to gravitate towards jeans and pants. Even though sometimes it's just so easy to do so, i.e. my last post! Also, I just love wearing dresses, and I always have! They make me feel super feminine and really confident. Dresses have always done that for me. Add a burst of color to that, then you've truly got a happy girl! This shirt dress was the perfect confident booster for the day. I felt really feminine, but sleek since it is a shirt dress. I worked a job where I wore black and white 5 days a week for almost 2 years. The only colorful items we were allowed to wear was jewelry and accessories! Although, I really liked that job, I hated the attire. I felt like I was drowning in  black and white hell everyday.  I remember moving on from that job and donating a lot of my black and white items to Goodwill. Don't get me wrong, black and white attire will always be a classic, and I wear it form time to time. But, five days a week was a little much for me. Funny enough, I'm now at a job where I have to where a uniform again.  Oh, the irony!

Wishing you all well, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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