27 Years Young

 Vest: New York and Company (old, similar here, this one is cute too), T-Shirt: Forever21 (similar), Jeans: Wal-mart (similar), Heels: Nine West (no longer available in suede, but in patent leather), Purse: Phillip Lim x Target (no longer available), Earrings: New York and Company (old), Sunglasses: Dollar Tree

Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday to me!!! This is the outfit I wore for a casual barbecue that my family had for my birthday yesterday. Also, I'm wearing my hair natural. I love my curly fro. I want it to be Diana Ross big eventually.  By the way, I did not wear these heels all day. I  had a pair of backup sandals. I turned 27 and cannot believe how fast time has flown. I literally could remember it being like 2 years ago was yesterday and I was celebrating my golden birthday. (You know, when your birth date matches the age you're going to be). You can check out the outfit I wore here.

Since that time a lot has happened, job changes, life changes and graduations. There are things I never imagined to happen, happened and things I was ready to let go of, I let go. Also my commitment to this blog has changed. For the past few months, I have been consistently updating my blog at least twice a week and have been trying to make it better. Two years ago, I wasn't really focused as I am now. I've rediscovered my love for blogging. I guess my rediscovery can be blamed on those very life circumstances. I am also glad that you guys are willing to read my blog and take this journey with me. So thank you to all who read and support this blog. It truly means the world to me.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day and week ahead. Thanks for reading.


  1. Happy birthday to you Xan! Wish you all the best and may you live to be 106.3 - more blessing. :-) You look fab - the pumps though!!
    *Follow each other on Bloglovin pls? Stay Bless!*


    1. Thanks for the lovely complements! And thanks for taking time to stop by my little blog!