The Rain

Jacket: Charming Charlie (old), Shirt: Forever21 (similar), Jeans: New York and Company (old), Scarf: Charlotte Russe (old), Purse: Phillip Lim x Target (no longer available), Shoes: Converse Sneakers
Love Ring: DIY by me, Lips: Maybelline in Hot Plum

Hey loves, Happy Friday! I hope you all have been having a good week so far. I pretty much have although for the past 3 mornings it has been raining 60 to 70%. We had a tropical storm warning out of nowhere. But hey thats what you get when you live in Louisiana. Summer is upon us and that means tropical storm/ hurrican season is coming. This is what I threw together since it has been gloomy. I didn't have much to do except run erreands, so why not be comfy while doing it.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend ahead. As always thanks for stopping by.

27 Years Young

 Vest: New York and Company (old, similar here, this one is cute too), T-Shirt: Forever21 (similar), Jeans: Wal-mart (similar), Heels: Nine West (no longer available in suede, but in patent leather), Purse: Phillip Lim x Target (no longer available), Earrings: New York and Company (old), Sunglasses: Dollar Tree

Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday to me!!! This is the outfit I wore for a casual barbecue that my family had for my birthday yesterday. Also, I'm wearing my hair natural. I love my curly fro. I want it to be Diana Ross big eventually.  By the way, I did not wear these heels all day. I  had a pair of backup sandals. I turned 27 and cannot believe how fast time has flown. I literally could remember it being like 2 years ago was yesterday and I was celebrating my golden birthday. (You know, when your birth date matches the age you're going to be). You can check out the outfit I wore here.

Since that time a lot has happened, job changes, life changes and graduations. There are things I never imagined to happen, happened and things I was ready to let go of, I let go. Also my commitment to this blog has changed. For the past few months, I have been consistently updating my blog at least twice a week and have been trying to make it better. Two years ago, I wasn't really focused as I am now. I've rediscovered my love for blogging. I guess my rediscovery can be blamed on those very life circumstances. I am also glad that you guys are willing to read my blog and take this journey with me. So thank you to all who read and support this blog. It truly means the world to me.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day and week ahead. Thanks for reading.

Charmed and Red-dy

Dress: Old Navy (old), Tank: Forever21, Wedges: Rue21 (similar), Purse: Phillip Lim x Target (no longer available), Owl Necklace: Claire's (old), Cross & Pearl Necklace: Charming Charlie (old), Sunnies: Dollar Tree, Lips: NYC Cosmetics Lip Stain in Rockin Ruby & Maybelline Color Sensational in Very Cherry layered on top.

Happy Friday all! I hope you guys have been having a great week! Mine has been pretty good so far. Sunday is my birthday and the following Thursday is my pup, Marley's birthday. So I'm only feeling good vibes!

Yesterday I had an out of town errand to run, and of course I overdressed, but hey that's just me! I chose this really great wrap dress. I don't have many of these and need to go out and get more. I've had others in my closet, but donated them to Goodwill since most were too short or didn't fit me properly anymore. When I first bought this dress, I saw the exact same one in green w/ navy dots. I was immediately attracted to the green one, but made myself buy red. There aren't many red items in my closet, so I stepped out of my comfort zone.

I put the outfit together the night before, but the hair was a happy accident! I intended to do another fishtail braid to the side but felt it didn't look right! So I kept playing with it, trying to decide whether to wear it up or down, and came up with this. I just pulled the hair to one side the looped it like you would do a pin-curl around you fingers, and pinned it in place! After taking a look in the mirror I thought it made my outfit seem a little vintage/retro inspired. Therefore, I decided why not go all the way and kick it up a notch with red matching lips.By the way I thought I'd let you guys know how awesome of a deal these sunglasses were.I found them at my local Dollar Tree! Yep, Dollar Tree where everything is $1.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

The Mean Green

Top: Rue 21 (old), Capris: New York and Comapny (old, similar), Shoes: BCBGenration (similar), Purse: Coach, Earrings/ Watch: New York and Company (old), Necklace: Claire's (old) Sunnies: Forever21, Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink layered with Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm Stick in Ingenue

Happy Wednesday! Another floral combo today! And why not? It is one of my go to prints. But the main focus of this post is my braid! I'll admit that I can barely do a french braid to save my life but, I can do a fishtail braid (which is why the bottom half is a fishtail braid). I was inspired to try this hairstyle by an Instagram pic of Amber Fillerup a.ka. The Barefoot Blonde. Click the link to see her creation. Her braided hairstyles are always so pretty, mines doesn't even come close, but that's ok. Maybe I'll keep practicing and get better so that mines comes out like her's does! 

Hoping you guys enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for stopping by.

Store Love: New York and Company Eva Mendes Collection

Store Love: Eva Mendes

Spring: Skirt / Earrings / Dress / Pants / Dress / Dress      

I just wanted to share some things I'm loving right now, from one of my fave stores. For a while now, I've been getting emails about the Eva Mendes Collection  for New York and Company. Initially I thought the items were nice, but hadn't really gone to check them out. Well, last week I got the chance to stop in the store. My mom wanted to go there because she loves the quality of the clothes, and most importantly the fit! Also I love the clothing there too! I mean, like half my wardrobe is from there. The style is very chic and modern with classic silhouettes in trendy prints and colors.

Anyways, when I walked in the store, can I say I was amazed. I literally fell in love with so many items at first sight. Pictured above are a few of my fave pieces. I honestly wanted to buy them all! But we weren't there for me, we were there for my mom. It was apart of her Pre-Mother's Day outing with me. She tried on tons of items and of course she couldn't walk away with nothing.  She actually decided on the piece she first laid eyes on entering the store! Can you guess which one it was from the picture above!

The six items on the left are from her Spring collection and are now 40% on sale now. The items on the right are from her new Summer collection.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Old Ruffles

Cardigan: New York and Company (old, similar), Top: Rue21 (old, but I like these here and here), Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Flats: Rue 21 (similar),  Purse: Claire's (similar) Necklace: Claire's (old), Sunglasses: Forever 21, Lips: Revlon in Honey Bare

So, yesterday's outfit was girly and casual. I spent the day browsing home decorating and style/fashion books, and checking out the fiction section at my happy place (Barnes and Noble). I rarely get to do this so I felt like today was a good enough day. I sipped on coffee, sat in my favorite corner and let the inspiration come to me. Sorry that these photos aren't up to par with my usual photos, but I didn't have a photographer and my tripod was broken, so I had to use my tabletop tripod for pics.

As you guys can read in the outfit details above, all the items in this post are no longer available. actually they are more than a year old. I I'll let you guys in a little secret: sometimes I feel like when I post an outfit the items should be new or currently available. I really like giving you guys inspiration and sharing my outfits with you, but a lot of my items in my closet have been there for years. I always try to buy pieces that I can see myself wearing years later. And I'm glad that I do that, because lately I haven't really been able to fit shopping for tons of new items in my budget. There are a lot of other things that  are more important right now, but I love blogging and I love restyling all items in my closet. Also, when I read other blogs for inspiration I always tend to see that the items are fairly new and available for purchase. As much as I  would like to go out and buy those exact items I can't. So I look into my closet and try to discover items with similar shapes/silhouette. I wonder how can I get that look with what's already in my wardrobe. For my fellow bloggers out there, do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel the pressure to post all current items?

Well, I hope you all are having a great week so far! As always thanks for stopping by.

Mother's Day Florals


 Top: Forever 21 (old), Jeans: Charlotte Russe (old), Heels: New York and Company (old), Purse; Claire's (old, similar cute option),  Bracelet: Claire's (old), Earrings/Necklace: Charming Charlie (old), Sunglasses: Forever 21, Lips: Revlon Berry Haute

Hello loves, I hope that you guys had an awesome weekend and amazing Mother's Day. I wanted to share with you guys what I wore when visiting my mom for Mother's Day! Sadly enough, I didn't get to spend the entire day with her since, (as mentioned in my previous post) I had to work the afternoon of Mother's Day. I good thing I got to see her on my off days last week and we spent two days of shopping, dressing room antics, and lunch/dinner. It's always great when I can spend time with my mom! She's Wonder Woman you know.

Color Pop

Dress: New York and Company (similar here and here), Sandals: Express (similar), Purse: Coach, Necklace/Earrings: Charming Charlie, Bangles: mixed sets from multiple stores, Lips: Revlon in Cherries in the Snow

Hey loves, another day another outfit!
I spent the day with my mom shopping and styling her up while she tried on clothes. I always have fun when I shop with my mom. We must crack a million jokes the entire time we are together. And today Mom told me that she loves shopping with me too. She says she's always laughing and she enjoys me styling her. Later we went to dinner with my younger sister. This was our Mother's Day outing since, I will only be able to visit her on the morning of Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I will be working in the afternoon.

I must admit that I'm totally loving wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts now. Since, this was the longest and most terrible winter by far, in my experience, I'm trying not to gravitate towards jeans and pants. Even though sometimes it's just so easy to do so, i.e. my last post! Also, I just love wearing dresses, and I always have! They make me feel super feminine and really confident. Dresses have always done that for me. Add a burst of color to that, then you've truly got a happy girl! This shirt dress was the perfect confident booster for the day. I felt really feminine, but sleek since it is a shirt dress. I worked a job where I wore black and white 5 days a week for almost 2 years. The only colorful items we were allowed to wear was jewelry and accessories! Although, I really liked that job, I hated the attire. I felt like I was drowning in  black and white hell everyday.  I remember moving on from that job and donating a lot of my black and white items to Goodwill. Don't get me wrong, black and white attire will always be a classic, and I wear it form time to time. But, five days a week was a little much for me. Funny enough, I'm now at a job where I have to where a uniform again.  Oh, the irony!

Wishing you all well, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

For The Love of A Pair of Jeans

Top: Forever21 (old, but I like this one), Jeans: Union Bay via Sears (old), Sandals, Beaded Bracelet (similar) & Sunglasses(similar): Claire's (similar here and here), Necklace: Charming Charlie (old), Purse: Coach

I woke up with a comfy and casual vibe, so I wore this to visit my mom. These jeans are my oldest pair of jeans. They are 8 years old and still fit amazingly. I can always count on these jeans for comfort and style. I like to think of them as the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" jeans. No matter where I'm at in life or how my weight has fluctuated, they always fit and never let me down.  Do any of you have a pair a jeans that you think of as your "Sisterhood" pants?

As always, thanks for stopping by.