My Essentials for Relaxing

My Essentials for Relaxing

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Hello loves! I wanted to share my essentials after a long day! Now that the weekend is over I can fit in some me time. For those of you that just discovered my little blog, i must let you know that I do work weekends always. I haven't had a full weekend off since before August 2013. Also, Saturday and Sunday are my longest workdays (12hrs on Saturday and up to 14hrs on Sunday). Yep that's my usual weekend. Which is why I rarely post weekend outfits. Anyways I'm always saying TGIM (rather than TGIF) after the weekend, cause it's my time to slow down and relax. So this is how I relax on a Sunday night. 

1. First, I have to light a candle upon entering my apartment. I got make the environment more relaxing. I love using lavender scents. My fave was Wal-Mart's Sweet Lavender, but the ones near me quit carrying it. :(
2. Next, I run myself a really hot bath, and throw in some lavender Epsom salts. The salts are to help ease my tired muscles. Sometimes, I don't add bubbles just the water and the salts. The clear water looks so calming to me.

3.  After the bath, I put on a fun face mask! I love face masks. They make me feel like I'm at a spa. I want to try the one pictured above, but this (Anti Stress Mask)  is the one I currently use. Then I brew some tea, and grab whatever current magazine I have. I love the tea pictured above. it really works. Also, I choose magazines to browse through rather than reading a novel, because I tend to get caught up in a story and won't put the book down, which doesn't help me prepare for bed.

4. After some light browsing and finishing my tea, I jump into bed. I rarely ever go to sleep without an eye mask. The one pictured above is too cute! It helps in the process of my brain slowing down, plus it blocks out the light. I know this sound's weird but have you ever closed your eyes to sleep, and while they are closed you can still see the light?

 What are your essentials for a night in?

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