70s Inspired Print

Hey my loves! I wore this outfit on one of the in-between days during this lovely winter ice storm we are having in Louisiana. I know weird right? Snow, hail, sleet, icy roads.... not in Louisiana? Yes, here in Louisiana and central Louisiana, no doubt. My job let us go at 6pm today due to weather and road conditions. Right now it is 27 degrees outside but it really feels like 17 degrees due to windchill. I spent 30 min de-icing my windows before leaving work. Many businesses were closed today and all schools also. The same type of weather greeted us on Friday. Friday, I ended up being 30 min late for work trying to scrape the ice off my windows. We had over 100 car accidents within the area, just on Friday morning alone.


 One of the scariest things for us is that this is not the type of winter weather we are used to! I literally drove between 25 and 35 mph to bring a co-worker home then back to my home. Seriously on the way to her house, my car did a small skid over the icy road. Thank goodness I wasn't driving to fast. The other dangerous thing about this weather is that we have a river that cuts through the middle of the city. So a lot of people had to do some creative thinking to find different routes home.


The co-worker I brought home tonight lived on the opposite side of the city. So I went out of my way to avoid the bigger/longer bridges in town. I feel like central Louisiana had some of the wonkiest weather. It could be 32 degrees one day and 75 the next! As was the case Friday and today. Anyways I wanted to bring you a few pictures of the outfit. Surprisingly, after taking the photos I realized that the key pieces were all from Forever21.

Jacket/Dress/Boots: Forever21
Tights: No Nonsense ( at Drugstore)
Bag: Phillip Lim for Target
Necklace: Claire's
Earrings/Watch: Target
Ring: Charming Charlie


P.S. I hope you all are having a good week so far, and if you are in central and northern Louisiana stay warm and safe, and enjoy your snow day! My photographer for the day ^^^my mom rocking the beaning trend! She was doing it before it was cool!

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