Another Autumn, Another Beginning

Every fall I feel as if I can start anew. The change in the weather, the falling leaves, the dimmed sky, all bring a warmth to my soul. All the holidays that are focused on family are soon to begin and the parks are bustling with more people. The fact that one can sit outside and just enjoy the soft, quiet breeze as they remember past choices and contemplate future ones is beautiful. For those of us in Louisiana, it is beginning of a break with the sweltering heat of summer. Oh my how I love autumn!

 I've been waiting on autumn forever. Others across the country are getting upset that the temps are dropping and begging for spring or summer to return. Not me, I am embracing the brisk air. One of the other major reasons why I love this time of year is because I feel more inspired to dress up. I've been itching to wear cozy sweaters, over-the-knee socks, tights under shorts, small jackets, knitted hats, thicker scarves, and of course boots. Honestly boots are my fave shoes. I cry a little inside when the weather changes and I have to put them away. It's the season for chunky everything! I love looking through the autumn months issues of magazines. Everything I see is darker, richer, and more mysterious. 

 I've been away from my blog for months now because school (I graduate in December) has literally been my top priority. Yet, I thought it was time to do a new post. I can wait to share my daily outfits for this season with you guys. Although, posts will not be on a regular basis, I will try to make sure that I capture the outfits, and things that inspire me the most. So to all out there Happy Autumn let the rebirth begin.

Shirt: Walmart
Dress: Sky Blue
Socks: Forever21
Watch and Oxford Booties: Target
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

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