Hey It's Plum and Navy

 Hello everyone. Forgive me for being away for a little over a week. But I'm back in action. I've really been focusing on school projects and my job hunt during this time. I've been really stressed about it. Filling out application after application, and sending out resume after resume is exhausting! It's a job of its own. One you don't get paid for neither! That's okay though I believe I'm going to get the right job for me. The waiting process is also exhausting.

I wore this today. Finally, the weather is starting to stay chilly for more than one day in a row!This is another one of my summer to fall transition outfits. Sheer tights to stay cool at the temperature's height, and a cardigan to keep my arms warm when the temperature drops. I love putting colors that look striking and sharp together.

But on another note, I've been looking for a dresser for my bedroom. I also wanted a vanity but realize that with my queen bed there is simply not enough room. My boyfriend's sister said she had a dresser she was getting rid of and if we wanted it we could come get it, So we hopped in his truck and drove the 50 miles to take a look. To our surprise, the dresser turned out to be this huge vanity with two deep drawers. And the design looks antique.(Bonus!!!!) I wanted a dresser not just for the rest of my clothing but, to put a 26 inch TV on.  So now I have a place to put my TV, do my makeup, and have extra storage. Once I put the legs back on it and my boyfriend moves it into the bedroom (way to heavy for me to lift and I think I'm pretty strong) I will take a picture for you guys to see it.

OK, so I'm going to go now. Going eat some peanut butter cup ice cream and watch some HGTV! Gosh I love that network! Home design and decorating is my second love, next to fashion.

Cardigan and ruffle tank: American Eagle
Shorts & Earrings: New York and Company
Tights, Necklace, & Bracelets: Claire's
Boots: Charming Charlie
Ring: Rue21