Gone For Too Long!

Hello. I must admit that I may be the worst blogger in the history of blogging right now. I wish i could attribute it to being too busy, but I can not. The truth is I've felt like I lost inspiration to keep up with this blog. With all the personal things I have going on, I thought why post a so so post. I feel like my connection to all things fashion was lost. I've never felt that way before. Right now my life seem to be at this stand-still, career wise.

For as long as I've had my work history I've alwaysed worked in retail. I've felt comfortable there and worked my way to management. I know that I want to be in fashion, doing visuals, merchandising, or styling, but I don't want it to be retail. So right now I'm trying to decide  if I want to continue the retail path or try something different such as administrative work, etc. Living in Louisiana, there is not much opportunity to grow. I'm hoping that I can save enough money  one day to move to a big city with better opportunities.

Hopefully I can find my way sooner rather than later, and when I decide I will be confident in my decision. I'm also going to try to make a better commitment to my blog. And along the way I'll rediscover my reason for starting this blog and my passion for all things fashion.
Top: Target
Shorts: Forever21
Sandals & Watch: New York and Company
Tile Bracelet, Fly Ring, Heart Earrings, & Owl Belt: Claire's
Nail Polish: Wet n' Wild "On A Trip"

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