It Was Florals Then

Hi guys sorry I've been  away. School, work, and other personal issues have kept me away. I wanted to give  you guys an outfit post. I took these pics a while back and couldn't find my camera cord to transfer them to my computer. I probably won't be posting for a while though, due to the reasons listed above. Hope you guys enjoy this post and I hope to talk to you soon. PS, Ignore the clothing on the floor i was in the middle of putting a way some things.

Shirt: rue21
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Gap
Hair Flower, Necklace, Bracelet: Claire's

Hey It's Plum and Navy

 Hello everyone. Forgive me for being away for a little over a week. But I'm back in action. I've really been focusing on school projects and my job hunt during this time. I've been really stressed about it. Filling out application after application, and sending out resume after resume is exhausting! It's a job of its own. One you don't get paid for neither! That's okay though I believe I'm going to get the right job for me. The waiting process is also exhausting.

I wore this today. Finally, the weather is starting to stay chilly for more than one day in a row!This is another one of my summer to fall transition outfits. Sheer tights to stay cool at the temperature's height, and a cardigan to keep my arms warm when the temperature drops. I love putting colors that look striking and sharp together.

But on another note, I've been looking for a dresser for my bedroom. I also wanted a vanity but realize that with my queen bed there is simply not enough room. My boyfriend's sister said she had a dresser she was getting rid of and if we wanted it we could come get it, So we hopped in his truck and drove the 50 miles to take a look. To our surprise, the dresser turned out to be this huge vanity with two deep drawers. And the design looks antique.(Bonus!!!!) I wanted a dresser not just for the rest of my clothing but, to put a 26 inch TV on.  So now I have a place to put my TV, do my makeup, and have extra storage. Once I put the legs back on it and my boyfriend moves it into the bedroom (way to heavy for me to lift and I think I'm pretty strong) I will take a picture for you guys to see it.

OK, so I'm going to go now. Going eat some peanut butter cup ice cream and watch some HGTV! Gosh I love that network! Home design and decorating is my second love, next to fashion.

Cardigan and ruffle tank: American Eagle
Shorts & Earrings: New York and Company
Tights, Necklace, & Bracelets: Claire's
Boots: Charming Charlie
Ring: Rue21

Fall Why Are You Being So Gray?

OK, so I had something completely different on at the start of this day. I has on a black and white striped dress with a silver glitter belt. I was getting ready for class and felt like my outfit was too dull. So I started playing around with it. At first I added different accessories but that didn't seem like enough. Then I tucked the striped shirt dress into this grey skirt, but I felt to bulky on the bottom. So then I decided to wear the skirt and find a top for it. And with some tweaking I got this.

Oh, the beret, the wool skirt, the chunky socks, the oxford booties! Can you guys tell I'm so ready for this fall weather to come. The socks are actually chunky over the knee socks that I rolled down, so I could get the illusion of a heeled mid-boot. Any who, hope everyone had a great and interesting week!

Shirt: Don't remember
Skirt and Booties: Target
Socks and Beret: Forever21
Sleveless Cardigan: New York and Company
Necklaces: Charming Charlie
Bow Ring: rue21

Glammed Up Rodeo!

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you guys. Today I did alot of house work. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I wanted to share another outfit with you all. I wore this a while back but didn't post it. I wore it to work one Saturday. Don't really remember how this outfit came to be but, all I know is I wanted to wear shorts and this necklace. Lately I've been a fan of the statement necklaces. I think it's because I'm always wearing dainty earrings. Anyways what do you guys think?

Shirt, Boots, Necklace: rue21
Shorts, Watch: New York and Company
Flower Pin: given by my boyfriend
Belt: Claire's

P.S. I'm anxiously waiting for the fall temperatures to come through so I can style up more of my boots!

Mary "Pops-In" On Sundays

Hello everyone. I thpought I would show you all what I wore Sunday. I went to church in the morning. Then I went to a baby shower. How fun, tons of screamming kids, and a family of all women! Anywho, I wore the shoes to church but changed to flat sandals in the same color for the baby shower. You gotta be comfortable when you're meeting up with a ton of kids! Well tell me what you guys think, too much for a baby shower or just right?

Dress: Target
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Belt: Rue 21 (from another dress)
Bracelet/Necklace: Claire's
Watch: New York and Company

Plaids and a Cruxifixes

Hello again! Just bringing you guys another outfit of the day. I took this pic a while back. I was having a lazy day. I was off from work and wanted to be totally comfortable. And normaly comfort eaquals my plaid/flannel shirts. As girly as I am, one would never think that I have a love of flannel and plaid. I think I get it from my mom!

When I look at all of her old driver's liscence pictures, I see this little woman in flannel shirts. I remember her owning a ton in different colors when I was younger. My mom has never been a girly girl. Although she can get dressed up eith the best of them, she prefers to be simple and comfortable. Her oufit du jour now: Skinny jeans, graphic t-shirt, and a her trusty pair of Chucks. Plus she doesn't wear makeup. But when she does, she uses her favorite shade of lipstick as lipstick, eyeshadow, and bluish! During the summer months she subs the chucks for flip flops!
So when I wasw little she didn't seem like style inspiration then. But now as I look back, she was one of the great style icons in my life. She let me know that you didn't have to have a lot of bells and whistles to be beautiful, just a lot of confidence. Plus she's the best looking soon-to-be 49 year old woman I've ever met!

Shirt: Forever21
Shorts: New York and Company
Necklace: Charming Charlie

P.S. There's my mommy in the middle!

Shorts Are So Chic

Hey guys. Just bringing you another outfit post! These shorts are the exact same as the ones in the previous post just a different color (brown). I bought the dressy shorts with the intention of dressing them up for work. But after styling them I realize they were way too short for work. I still love the idea that these shorts are more dressed up than typical khaki or denim shorts. I also think that the leopard belt just adds so much pizazz (LOL)!

So what do ya think?

Shirt, Watch: New York and Company (2008)
Shorts: Forever 21
Bracelet, Necklace, Ring: Claire's
Shoes: Sears (2009)
Belt: came with  another dress from Ross

Gone For Too Long!

Hello. I must admit that I may be the worst blogger in the history of blogging right now. I wish i could attribute it to being too busy, but I can not. The truth is I've felt like I lost inspiration to keep up with this blog. With all the personal things I have going on, I thought why post a so so post. I feel like my connection to all things fashion was lost. I've never felt that way before. Right now my life seem to be at this stand-still, career wise.

For as long as I've had my work history I've alwaysed worked in retail. I've felt comfortable there and worked my way to management. I know that I want to be in fashion, doing visuals, merchandising, or styling, but I don't want it to be retail. So right now I'm trying to decide  if I want to continue the retail path or try something different such as administrative work, etc. Living in Louisiana, there is not much opportunity to grow. I'm hoping that I can save enough money  one day to move to a big city with better opportunities.

Hopefully I can find my way sooner rather than later, and when I decide I will be confident in my decision. I'm also going to try to make a better commitment to my blog. And along the way I'll rediscover my reason for starting this blog and my passion for all things fashion.
Top: Target
Shorts: Forever21
Sandals & Watch: New York and Company
Tile Bracelet, Fly Ring, Heart Earrings, & Owl Belt: Claire's
Nail Polish: Wet n' Wild "On A Trip"

The Denim Dress

Hello everyone I just wanted to give you guys an outfit post. I wore this last Sunday to church. I forgot to upload it.  Of course I had a cardigan over it while there. But once I left I shed it for the day cause it was extremely hot out.  I was about to do another post and realized maybe I should put these up first.  You guys seen this dress before so it's no shocker. I love this dress, but boy is it hard to take off, literally!

Dress: Target
Sandals: Forever 21
Bracelets and Necklace: Claire's
Watch: New York and Company

Inspired by Degas

Just something that I was inpired to create using one of my favorite paintings. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday!
Inspired by Degas

$375 -

Hi low skirt
£25 -

High heel shoes
$230 -

Ariella Collection 14k jewelry
$68 -

Vintage jewelry
$40 -

Stud earrings
£10 -

Aren't Birthdays Just Golden

Hi there everyone! It's been a long time, I know. But I've kinda been in a slump and lost inspiration for keeping up with my blog. And not because I don't care for fashion anymore, just personal things in my daily life have been getting to me.
Anyways, the spring semester of school is over with and I ended it fabulously with a 4.0 GPA. I'm truly proud of myself. Also Friday was my birthday!!!! I turned 25 on the 25th, the Golden Birthday! I don't really know why the Golden Birthday is so special, but hey all my friends were treating it as if it were special, so I ran with it. And in true grown up sophistication, my bestie planned a dinner party for me.

My friends and I went to a Greek/Lebanese restaurant called Zea's for my dinner. We decided that we should all dress up since it was a nice restaurant and grown up affair. Afterwards we hit up one of my fave bars downtown, The Greenroom, to shoot some pool and have drinks. I decided that I would wear my beautiful Gigi Florence dress that I got from this consignment shop in town. They sell vintage and slightly worn designer/non- designer items. I bought this a couple of months ago and it was my first time wearing it.

I wanted to wear it the moment I bought it, but I felt like no occasion seemed special enough. Also I was lacking a key accessory that I thought the dress just had to have. And that was a gold chain belt. All the other belts in my closet seemed okay with the dress, just not WOW! The belt did that for me. The belt was a gift from my bestie. She saw the dress and was like, "You need to wear that on your birthday!" When I told her my dilemma, she surprised me before the dinner with the belt!

 Did I mention she's the most awesome bestie?! She also bought me the clutch that looks like a vintage masterpiece, and a beautiful ivory colored watch. There are other items that she bought me that I'll post later. No lie, I felt fabulous that night! Because for once I felt like those people you see on TV or in a movie hosting a dinner party, drinking wine, and having a fabulous time! It felt like a major dose of glamour for me, since I don't get to be uber glamorous that often.

I can definitely say that my 25th birthday is the best birthday I've ever had! And hopefully there is more to come. The only thing that would have made that night more perfect was if my boyfriend had came. He was stuck with a work project that night. But he spent the day with me before the dinner and gave me my present which was the camera these pics were taken with. He also gave me a carrying case, tripod, and a memory card to store my photos! Gosh, he truly listens to everything I say, and his gift totally proves it!

Dress: Gigi Florence
Belt, clutch, & watch: B-Day gift from Bestie
Shoes: Delicious
Headband: Charming Charlie
Bracelets: Icings
Earrings: Borrowed from Bestie

A Little Retro

Green Top: Walmart
Hi-Low Skirt: Forever21
Sandals, Headband, Bracelet & Sunnies: Claire's
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Just giving you guys a another outfit post. I thought I looked kinda retro with all the polka dots and the sunglasses.

It's Been A Long Time, Old Friend

Hello all! I know that I have been away for months. Since my last post in October a lot has happened. I moved out of my parents house into my own apartment! Which I have been trying to do forever! I've been really busy with school, I got a 4.0 for the fall semester. Hopefully I can do the same this semester.
I've literally been focusing on decorating this apartment. I am a true floral girl. So throughout the apartment you see that theme. It's very pretty and coming along. I have a few more things to do before I'm completely finished. Maybe I will post some pictures once I'm done.
Also I bought a new laptop the other day. So it has kinda inspired me to upload these photos. There were past outfits that I took pics of, but for some reason never uploaded. Since it is Spring now I think it is time to start anew, and get back to doing something I love.
Dress: Target
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Sandals: Icings
Owl Necklace: Charming Charlie
Flower Hair Clip: Claire's