Hey loves! Here is one of the posts that I promised you. I am sitting here at 3 am to post this for you. These pics are from about a week ago. Like i said in my previous post, I did have pics to put. They were just still on my camera. Anyways I really love this dress. I originally went into Forever 21 to look at a different dress. I saw this one hanging on the rack next to the original dress and decided to try it on also. Of course once I had it on I realized that I liked this one much better. Lately I've been into tribal patterns, so I thought this was a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. And even though the dress is tribal, I still managed to add a feminine touch with the cream headband. Now to be able to take a walk in the country barefoot while wearing it, sounds nice.

Dress: Forever 21
Accessories: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Claire's

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