Nappy Hair.... Say What???

Hi there again! Giving you guys another outfit update. I wore this on Tuesday, my day off! I went to visit my family again and I enjoyed myself. Talked to my Mommo for hours. Of course I wore my hair real big. I always get so many compliments when I wear my hair like this (mainly from those an opposite race from me). When I noticed that it made me wonder, why wasn't I getting compliments from those of my own race. My baby cousin, who is 4 years old made me think of this topic. He said to my Mommo, "Mommo, look Xan hair, it's nappy." Of course I didn't think it was nappy, but wow it really does bring up the American standard of beauty.

Most girls of my skin tone look at me as if I look awkward or they stare, laugh, and whisper negative comments. So many black women have bought into the idea that straight/relaxed flowing hair is what their hair should look like. Even so to the point that 4 year old think it should look that way. In reality that goes against the natural texture of our hair. Yes, I do get relaxers (not as often as one should), but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to cut all of my relaxed hair off and start over. To let it do it's own natural thing. I love wearing my hair big like this, but the only problem is I don't wanna wait years for it to be the same length again.

Of course I could care less of what they think, cause I'm gonna keep wearing my hair like this when the mood strikes me. And other girls can laugh, point, and stare but it won't phase me cause I love my hair, the way I dress, the way I talk, my clumsiness, my smile; I love me!

Vest: Forgot where I got it but I've had it forever

Tank: Forever 21

Shorts: New York and Company

Sandals and Bag: Claire's

All Jewelry: Charming Charlie

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  1. i love those adorable bee earrings! =)