It's My Birthday.... And I'll Relax If I Want To!

Hello Loves!!!!! Last week was my 24th birthday!!! I enjoyed a two day break from work. (the day of and the day after). I didn't really do much the day of my birthday. I relaxed and spent time with my family. I got to see my Mommo, nephews, and all my baby cousins. Those little rascals are a trip! Later that evening I spent time with one of my friends! This is the outfit I wore that day. Something pretty yet, simple and cool! I visited with my bestie for a bit cause she had to work, but she bought me the most beautiful gift. A Jewelry box and a mirror. The jewelry inside was already mine. This girl truly knows how girly I am. The pic is at the beginning of this post.

The day after my birthday, my friend/ex-co-manager Lauren took me to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings! We had a great time. We kicked back, enjoyed drinks, and then we browsed around World Market for a bit. And I also bought myself a Nintendo Wii as a b-day gift to myself. I've been wanting it forever. I bought the black one, cause I thought it just looked sleeker and will be less dirty.

Sheer Top: Forever 21 (years ago)
Shorts: Old Navy(years ago)
Sandals: New York and Company
Accessories: Charming Charlie
Purse and Lunch Bag: Claire's

Anyways, that's pretty much what I did for my birthday. I have other friends who are going to take me out sometime next week as a late birthday present. I don't remember a time where I've had so many friends that truly care about me! I guess what they say is right, "The friends you make in high school are great, but the ones you make during your college years become some of your closest friends for life!

P.S. Totally digging my Hello Kitty Lunch Bag!!!! LOL!

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