A Beautiful Louisiana Day

Hey everyone! Okay I've been gone for a little while I meant to post this outfit like a week and a half ago but never got around to doing it. It was my day off and one of my friends was suppose to go to a movie with me, but do to other obligations he couldn't. I was pretty upset cause I was looking forward to it the whole week. But of course, stuff happens and you get over it.

Shirt and Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet: Claire's
Watch, Ring, Sandals: Charming Charlie

Funny thing is I bought this outfit the day before we were suppose go. I was just roaming around Forever 21 talking to some of my freinds who work there and discovered it. The colors are just right for summer. And you guys know I'm a sucker for coral in the summer! Anyways I hope you guys are all enjoying your Thursday. I know I am. It's my first day off in the past 11 days!

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