Educational Time Travel

Hey Loves! I know long time no see. Well I have some good news. I got a new job. I will be starting in a week and a half from now. I'll be the Asst. Manager at another store. I'm too excited. I know that retail is super stressful, but I sure hope this store isn't as high stress as the one I'm leaving. The store I'm going to is much smaller and it seems that I can get more one on one customer service rather than trying to help 8 people at one time. Plus I get benefits and better pay so that's always a plus. This new job will also help put me in the direction of finding my very own apartment. So wish me luck guys in this new endeavor.
As for the reasons why I look so polished, it pertains to the title. I did tell you guys that I was back in school for Alternative Teacher Certification. I had to get my teacher observations done for my class. This is what I wore today. I went back to my old high school and it brought back all these memories of when I was there. I also took notice of all the changes. High school seemed so long ago. 6 years to be exact. When you're young it seems like it takes forever to grow up. But once you're grown, it seems like time passes by so fast. And then you long a little bit for the days of yesteryear, when things seemed so simple. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Cardigan and Top: American Eagle
Pants, Earrings, and Ring: New York and Company
Flats: Charlotte Russe
Necklace & Flower Hair Pins: Charming Charlie

P.S. There will more outfit posts since I can wear what I want to my new job. At the old one all I could do was wear black or black and white. I just think those colors are so boring, and I had to wear them everyday, so why take pictures of them.

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