The Garnet Game

Absolutely loving my Mary Jane-ish clogs and brown flyaway cardigan I got for Christmas!!! Thanks Bincs! And the purse was a Christmas gift to myself. Watched that purse like a hawk till it went on sale!!!! Oh and I thought it wold be cool to layer the black fishnets over the brown tights.

Jacket- Forever 21
Cardigan- Forever 21 (Gifted)
Top- New York and Company
Skirt- Target
Tights- Charming Charlie/Forever 21
Clogs- Forever 21 (Gifted)
Bag- Charming Charlie

Golden Geisha

Hey Loves! I've been totally out of sight, but hopefully not out of mind. So the store has slowed down now that holidays are over. Although it has slowed down, that just means there are many visual projects that need to be tackled. We have been working on it for the past two weeks now. There is plenty more to do. And this past week has been sorta hectic since my GSM was on PTO and she considers me her second in command! So not only did I have the stress of running the whole store myself, but my DM was on my butt like "white on rice" about certain tasks that were due.

And with all of that going on at the store, I started back school Thursday. I'm really excited about this semester. I only have one class, but it's a start. It was my first day back in a classroom in 1.5 years at my Alma Mater. Anyways I hope that I can update my blog more often. I feel like I've truly neglected it for the past couple of weeks. I have 2 more blog post coming up for sure. One that's sort of a Christmas/after Christmas haul, and the other is another outfit post. These pics are from a week a go. (sorry)