Olive Branches and Pretty Wings

Hey everyone. Okay, when I say I've been extremely busy with work, I truly mean it. As I've mentioned before, I do work in retail. Therefore, the holiday season is the busiest time for us. Today was my only day off this week. And this upcoming week I only have one day off. So when I do have my day off I usually catch up on sleep, read all the blogs I follow (Thank goodness for google reader, all my fave blogs in one place!), and try my best to catch up with friends. It's funny because my friends expect not to see me for weeks at a time. They always ask me to hangout spontaneously, and then they'll say "Oh wait, you're probably working."

Anyways, I wanted to let you guys know how excited I am about the boots I have on in this post. I looked at the Charlotte Russe website everyday drooling over these. I told myself that I really didn't want to spend $50 on these boots because I have some similar ones in black that I bought a week before. I also didn't want to because i made a promise to a friend to save my money and not shop! Still having trouble keeping that promise! I walked into Charlotte Russe with said friend one day last week and to my surprise, all of their shoes were $20. I told her that I had been wanting those boots for a month and a half and it must be fate for me to have them since they were on sale. She gave me a "shame on you" look, but then looked at the original price and said "well I guess you deserve to treat yourself and it is a good deal!" So I didn't feel as guilty getting them.

I promise I will try my best to update more often. Happy Holidays everyone!

Sheer Green Tunic- forgot where i got it
Brown Tank Dress (under tunic)- Old Navy
Brown Tights- Forever 21
Boots- Charlotte Russe
Jewelry- Forever 21 and Charming Charlie
Beret- Forever 21